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Why Should Your Business Move to a Cloud-based Contact Center?

Why Should Your Business Move to a Cloud-based Contact Center?

Posted on June 13, 2019

There is a legion of benefits of opting for a cloud-based contact center. A cloud-contact center generally hints at a unified solution for both inbound as well as outbound voice communications, especially for a call center that is hosted outside an office premise. The cloud contact center solutions can help in centralizing customer interactions across different channels such as email, voice, text messages, chat, social media, consumer relationship management software, and the likes.

Are you looking to move your business to a cloud-based contact center? Shifting to a cloud contact center over the premises-based services can proffer businesses of every size significant perks such as newfound, stronger compliance, better cost structure, and the likes. Some of the key reasons for you to shift your business to a cloud-based contact center include:

  1. Flexibility and Scalability
    Cloud contact center solutions need minimum on-site software or hardware that provides different business hubs with adequate flexibility to scale phone lines. It also helps in featuring up and down in real time. Companies can include new phone lines or call up the routing structures for accommodating seasonal fluctuations in call volumes of the consumers. For example, on a snowy day, the agents can easily work from their home-based office and make/take calls.
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How to Optimize your IVR System?

How to Optimize your IVR System?

Posted on February 7, 2015

Most companies choose IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, when it comes to improving their customer support services. But how can you improve the potential of this handy call routing tool? Here are three simple ways to optimize your IVR system and maximize its uses.

If your business receives a large volume of calls, you may be using an IVR system. With an interactive voice response system, comes many benefits, such as, a seamless routing of calls to the right department, improved efficiency and an increase in customer satisfaction. Here are three tips for optimizing your IVR system.

1. Analyze your current structure

Your customers may find it difficult to interact with your IVR system, due to several reasons. For example, a complicated menu option can make it time consuming and challenging for your callers to get in touch with the right department.  This could lead to several unhappy customers and could even increase your company’s call abandonment rates.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to test out your IVR system and check its routing procedures and menus. This will help you to find out the areas that need improvement. Ensure that your instructions are clear and brief, so that your callers can be immediately directed to the concerned call center executive, without a time delay.

2. Improve the IVR script

The right choice of words, along with the right tone can work miracles in your business’s customer service solutions. By making sure that your instructions are easy to decipher and simple to understand, you can establish a better connection with your callers. With an improved IVR script, it will drastically reduce the time they would be required to stay on line and wait for a live call center executive. Continue reading

5 Customer Support Trends That Your Company Needs to Implement

5 Customer Support Trends That Your Company Needs to Implement

Posted on September 20, 2014

Experts predict that call center outsourcing services will continue at a fast pace in 2014. However, customer demands will change, thereby forcing call centers to come up with new service delivery mechanisms. With communication channels improving and expanding, phone calls and emails will no longer be the only means used to help customers. Customers of today want to engage with companies via social media and messaging apps.

It’s time your company started reaching out to customers in the way that they prefer and keep up with the latest call center trends. Otherwise you would not only run the risk of missing your boat, but you may also lose out on valuable customers.

The following five trends in customer support deserve your immediate attention:

1. IVR with voice analytics

Over the last few decades, call centers have be effectively using IVR (intelligent voice response) systems to accurately route calls to the right help desk, where they can help themselves through automated instructions or reach out to an agent. Now with the coming of voice analytics, the interest of the caller can be gauged and then connected to the right department. Voice analytics also has the ability to ascertain the mood of the caller. An irritated customer can now be quickly routed to an experienced executive who can address the problem.

2. Intelligent call backs

This is an emerging call center trend that is gaining vast popularity. For example, you are a regular shopper at a specific store and you only buy certain types of products. However, you ignore the perfume section. Back-end analytics will reveal this and the store will send out a customized offer via email/phone with a special discount on perfumes. You may end up buying the product or at least you will be aware of their perfumes. Another tactic that stores use is to put out a discount on the things that you have put into your wishlist. Call centers of today are investing in such high-end analytics to help out their customers.

3. Video chats

Video chats will make a bid difference to technically-challenged customers, who require full services. Video chats are also of great help, when you buy a DIY product, but need assistance in putting it together. However, this facility will cost more and would require extensive bandwidth and other infrastructure requirements. At the same time, video chats can help you save a considerable sum of travel time and money for your engineers. Continue reading