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Technology Trends That Will Dominate the Logistics Industry

Technology Trends That Will Dominate the Logistics Industry

Posted on September 14, 2017

As technology is advancing at a fast pace, every industry is experiencing dramatic changes in the way it operates. Among the top industries which are changing significantly owing to the technological advancements, one is the logistics industry. There are many technological trends, which experts believe will dominate the logistics industry in 2018 and further.

Here are the top technology trends which are going to dominate the Logistics industry in the coming future:

Surge Of Self-driving Vehicles In the Logistics Industry

2016 was full of announcements related to self-driving cars and vehicles by the renowned companies. Google spun off its self-driving car group into Waymo, the under indulged in taking trials, it even acquired OTTO (a self-driving truck startup), and Ford also announced its plans for the self-driving cars development.

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