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What are the Key Capabilities of Data Lake Analytics

What are the Key Capabilities of Data Lake Analytics?

Posted on November 16, 2017

Data lake analytics is an on-demand service that simplifies big data analytics. The “Big Data” as the name suggests, is a colossal amount of data which can either be structured or unstructured. In order to analyze the big data, especially the unstructured one, you need superior expertise and advanced tools.

Businesses across the world use big data to gain valuable insights that can help them make informed business decisions, correctly comprehend the current market trends, and understand the expectations of the customers to gain an edge over their competitors.

Data lake analytics eliminates the need for deploying, configuring, and tuning the hardware while providing you with the flexibility to write various queries for transforming the data and extracting valuable insights. This analytics service can handle the jobs of any scale and you only need to pay for the running jobs. Indeed, it’s a highly time-efficient and cost-effective way of extracting resourceful information from the big data.

5 Key Capabilities of Data Lake Analytics

If you are wondering that what Azure data lake analytics can do, then, here are its key capabilities, which differentiate it from the other tools hailing from the similar category.

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