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Key Benefits of JanusGraph Managed Services

Key Benefits of JanusGraph Managed Services

Posted on March 25, 2021

The foundational benefit of JanusGraph is to deliver a remarkable platform where huge data can be piled and converted into exclusive graphs. The volume of data is so huge that it takes more than a machine to compute and process real-time analytical queries and traversals. This is why JanusGraph is being used by the top service providers to give you an extra edge in the competition. Here are the benefits of using this exclusive platform.

Benefits of Using JanusGraph

  • This platform, as mentioned earlier, can support huge data compilation and processing for generating humongous graphs. The transactional capacity of this platform is remarkable and can easily answer traversal queries even in complex modes.
  • It can also work with the Hadoop framework and support all the global graph analytical processes.
  • Every entity in the large graphs can be searched for numeric range, full text, and geo quantities.
  • It provides native support to graph data models composed by Apache TinkerPop and traversal languages such as Gremlin.
  • The performance can also be tuned using the graph-level configuration knobs.

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