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Rotoscoping in the Animation Industry

What is the Importance of Rotoscoping in the Animation Industry?

Posted on May 17, 2018

Rotoscoping is extremely important in the animation business. To comprehend the term Rotoscoping, we must first understand how an animated film is created. Rotoscoping is a method that captures frame-by-frame actions to create a live feed. It is used to insert or remove a frame from the live broadcast in order to make adjustments.

Rotoscoping is widely utilised in the film business today, although it is no longer done in the old manner in which the live movements were projected onto a frosted glass screen and then the needed actions were sketched. Today, computer software performs the function of a rotoscope, which was the setup’s projection element.

Know What Rotoscopy Helps You Achieve

Have you ever been in a situation where you caught live frames and then wanted to edit them? Without rotoscoping, there is no graceful method to achieve it. In its most literal sense, “Roto” refers to sketching over a live frame to add or eliminate an element from it.

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