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Rotoscoping in the Animation Industry

What is the Importance of Rotoscoping in the Animation Industry?

Posted on May 17, 2018

Rotoscoping plays a pivotal role in the Animation industry. To understand the term Rotoscoping we need to have a basic understanding of how an animation film is developed. Frame by frame actions are captured to make a live stream and that technique is known as rotoscoping. It is used to put in or pull out a frame to the live stream to make any changes.

Rotoscoping is being extensively used in the film industry today but it is no longer done in the traditional way where the live actions were shown onto a frosted glass panel with the help of a projector and then the required actions were redrawn. Today computer software executes the task of a rotoscope which was the projection element of the setup.

Know What Rotoscopy Helps You Achieve

Have you ever been in a position where you have captured live frames and now you want to make edits? There is no elegant way to do it without rotoscoping. Talking in literal terms “Roto” means drawing over a live frame to add or extract an element to it.

Rotoscoping techniques used today help create a mask around the object that needs to be removed or added to another moving frame using the methods like Articulated Rotoscoping, Garbage Matte Creation, Matte Generation, 2D Motion Tracking, Rotosplining, and Paint Touch-up/Cloning.

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