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5 Image Masking Methods to Enhance Product Images

5 Image Masking Methods to Enhance Product Images

Posted on October 26, 2014

Do you have images of products to put up on your website, online store, brochure or catalog?  But you want the focus to be on your product and not on the background.  This is now possible through image masking. Photo masking is a great way to protect a part of an image by creating a mask. When a photograph is masked, the final quality can be improved to give a great effect.  Even serrated edges can be removed and the image can be given a well-defined look.  Here are 5 Image Masking Methods to Enhance Product Images:

1. Alpha channel masking technique

Commonly known as the raster masking technique, this masking method is perfect for semi-transparent or translucent images. When creating a layer over an image is difficult, this technique is used. By utilizing this technique, you can make sure of your cut-out/isolated images having smooth and even edges.

2. Advanced/complex layer masking technique

This image masking technique is great to use when you need to eradicate fine objects from the background of a photograph. Transparent or semi-translucent objects like feathers, fur or hair can be successfully extracted by using this technique in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

3. Transparency masking technique

This particular image masking technique is quite handy when it comes to removing gradient transparencies from an image. For example, glass objects within an image can be smoothly removed without a trace. Continue reading