Stay accessible to customers even after business hours with IVR services

Stay accessible to customers even after business hours with IVR services

Posted on September 21, 2012

Your company has recently released a new product or service and now your executives have to deal with an increased number of customer calls. Your customers want to know more details about your product, get support or place an order over the telephone. You have to now manage the increase in customer calls with your existing staff.

You are unable to provide 24/7 support and are wondering if you need to hire new resources and invest in expensive infrastructure. Meanwhile, your current overworked employees are asking you for increase in salary. Looking for a possible solution to all of the above problems? IVR or Interactive Voice Response can be the answer you are looking for.

What is IVR and how can it be useful for my business?

IVR or customer self service is a fully automated system that your customers can use on a 24/7 basis. IVR is a great way to answer queries, provide product related information and even help your customer buy your products after office hours or even during holidays.

By simply touching a few buttons on their phone, your customers can get all the assistance they require from an IVR system. An IVR system is also a great way of getting feedback from your customer through the use of automated surveys.

By investing in an interactive voice response system, your company can experience manifold benefits, such as:

  • With an IVR system, you can reduce your current cost by a whopping 50%, as an IVR is much more affordable than setting up a traditional call center
  • A fully automated IVR system eliminates the need for hiring new resources, increasing the salary of existing staff or investing in expensive telephony equipment
  • By being accessible to customers on a 24/7 basis and even on holidays, you can definitely out beat your competitors and give your business a competitive edge
  • Your customers will be impressed with your fast customer support and will continue to buy products from your company
  • With product queries and support out of your hands, your executives can focus on growing your business and acquiring more customers
  • Outsourcing IVR is simple and cost-effective, while helping you do away with the administrative risks involved in running an in-house call center
  • An automated IVR system eliminates the need for setting up an expensive call center operation with new resources and infrastructure
  • By always “being there” for your customers, you can be sure to maintain customer relationships, increase brand loyalty and thereby increase your bottom-line

Why not give your company a dependable round-the-clock “voice” that your valuable customers can count on?  Try outsourcing IVR services today.

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