Sony PlayStation 4 Review – The Good & The Bad

Posted on December 13, 2013

Sony play station 4 The new next-generation PlayStation 4 from Sony is here to satisfy gamers with new gaming content. With an 8-core x86 AMD Jaguar chip and a whopping 8 gigs of GDDR5 memory, this sleek gaming console is something that gamers have been waiting for. Sony has added a host of new features to the PlayStation 4, which has been the latest instalment from Sony, after the PlayStation 3 was released in the year of 2006.

So what’s new in this PlayStation? A sleek design, a much-improved controller and a launch line up are some of its new features.

Let’s look at some of the PS4’s new features:
The PS4 menu bar
The menu bar in the PS4 includes a new social grid that shows you extensive details about your friends — right from their playing and watching habits to the trophies that they have earned or the videos that they have uploaded, you can get to know everything. Although gamers will love the grid, they will be offered with too much information. The sad part is there are no filters to help you see only the information that you want.

The PlayStation network
With the new PS4, the PlayStation Network is now a much smoother experience. You need to log in with your email and password just once in order to access your PlayStation Network account. You can also log onto Facebook and associate your Facebook photo and real name with your PSN ID.

Sharing & streaming features
Sharing details with pals on Facebook is a lot easier. You have the option of setting up a default of what gets shared on Facebook and which group of your Facebook friends can see your information. By pressing the Share Button, you can quickly share a screenshot, an edited video or even start a live broadcasting. You can also post videos or screenshots of your game onto Facebook or Twitter. Streaming has become extremely quick and simple. It will take you less than five minutes to set up streaming to Twitch, the world’s biggest gaming network.

Entertainment options
The PS4 has a host of entertainment options, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video on Demand to name a few. With the PlayStation store, you can rent a movie or TV show. You can even download the latest music tracks from iTunes. With Music Unlimited on the PlayStation 4, you can enjoy a streaming service that allows you access to a wide variety of songs for a monthly fee. The most disappointing feature is the PS4 web browser. If you want to watch YouTube videos, you will have to install the Adobe Flash Player.

PlayStation apps
Not to be left behind, Sony has launched its own Smartphone app called the PlayStation App that works on Android and the iOS. With this app, you can message your friends and even monitor trophy data. In the future, you can even remotely launch your downloads onto the PS4. With Sony’s PlayStation Vita, you can use a wireless network to stream games from the console to the 5-inch handheld device.

The PlayStation camera
Sony offers its PlayStation camera separately for $59.99. The video quality is better than the PS3. However the voice commands are not very obvious. The best part of using a camera is that you can take a screenshot while you play a game.

The verdict?
To conclude, the Sony PS4 has a beautiful new console, a powerful controller and easy-to-use sharing features that will take your gaming experience to a new level. On the bad side, the PS4 needs to work on its cluttered menus, underwhelming first-party launch games and entertainment features.

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1 thought on “Sony PlayStation 4 Review – The Good & The Bad

  1. koby

    I have noticed with PlayStation 4 that, the insides do feel a bit weak it doesn’t have the best storage and errors with the applications happen a lot. But I still love my PlayStation because the graphics for the games seem awesome.


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