Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Outsource

Posted on May 20, 2010

Managing a business is all about economics, effectiveness and efficiency. Outsourcing can be a powerful and profitable strategy for any business as it enables companies to focus on core competencies, while reducing their operational costs significantly. It makes sense for big and small businesses to outsource their routine administrative and maintenance jobs to offshore service providers. Companies should resort to outsourcing if they are facing a human resource, time and money crunch.

Companies can tell it’s time for them to outsource if their high-value, core projects are lagging due to shortage of resources and if they are too busy managing operations and losing focus on their core business. Outsourcing helps companies save on costs such as payroll taxes, insurance and benefits paid to full-time employees. The cost of keeping a company’s workforce working is escalating every year with recruitment costs and employee benefits plans eating into the profit margins.

Look for These Signs

  • If you are incurring too many overheads and increased costs in doing non-core tasks, it is a hint that you must hit the outsourcing button.
  • If you have just set up a company and do not have enough human resource to execute tasks, you can outsource those tasks to an offshore service provider, who will do the task at a fraction of what you would spend on executing the task in-house.
  • You need the expertise of experienced professionals but you cannot afford to hire full time employees. Just the perfect scenario to outsource!
  • Time is another crucial sign that prompts you to outsource. If you do not have the time to do certain tasks on your own, just outsource them. There are service providers who do the desired task within a quick turnaround time; sometimes even real time.

You Are Not The Only One…!

Many companies, irrespective of the size and date of establishment, are going the outsourcing way! From small companies to giants such as Microsoft, almost every company has hopped on to the outsourcing bandwagon. These companies are aware that outsourcing can add value to their business. While some companies are outsourcing lower value tasks, some companies are getting crucial jobs outsourced, such as hiring the services of a retired CFO in a remote location.

Outsourcing helps in simplifying operations as the progress in technology allows small businesses to connect with offshore companies easily. Outsourcing gives immediate access to an existing pool of resources, an established infrastructure and personnel with specific skills and domain expertise. Companies need to outsource so that they can invest more money, time and human resources into their activities that can fuel growth.

Look around! Perhaps it’s time to outsource!

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