Significance of Embedded Technologies in IoT

Significance of Embedded Technologies in IoT

Posted on October 10, 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) has enormous potential for growth. The devices that employ IoT need to have a robust set of options for wireless connectivity and various protocols for networking. These devices are omnipresent nowadays which means that the scalability of these networks and their economic viability has to be good. They also require different extents of scalability for devices and networks which may have limited resources or graphics-rich in features. There are also separate provisions that need to be made in order to provide these devices with higher battery life and a safer and more reliable framework for the transmission and storage of data. All of this along with the support of integrating cloud computing and the subsequent need for authentication of the user complete all the things required for making a good IoT system. This is where the use of embedded systems comes into the picture.

The Problem

The need for the IoT software to be made from scratch (because it requires a very high level of customization and requirements which are specific to every user) has raised the complexity involved in the development of the said software and therefore the price. However, the path ahead is becoming clearer as embedded solutions are the best possible solution. They can be used to provide an IoT system that is rich in features and involves devices connected to it that meet all the requirements of security, reliability, and the power consumption that the various markets demand viz. automotive, medical, industrial, isolated companies, etc.

The Solution

A conventional embedded system is a highly customized structure that is programmed and developed according to the requirements of the user. These embedded systems consist of various hardware components, software to execute instructions, an OS and various other tools. They are important to the Internet of Things because they provide characteristics like low consumption of power, computing in real-time, low costs of maintenance, and their relatively easy availability. As a result we get what we desire: an IoT system which is rich in features, has low consumption of power, is safer and more reliable, and cost-effective too.


Till embedded solutions came into the picture, we missed the tools required for development which would lessen the costs involved in building the necessary infrastructure supposed to act as a foundation. This foundation would provide a basic framework for all future systems and help them focus and dedicate their time to optimize the functionality of the core and satisfy the various needs of the market by providing better solutions in less time at even lesser prices.

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