Seven Outsourcing Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Posted on March 1, 2013

Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing is not only about reducing costs. Outsourcing, which refers to the process of delegating work to an external firm, can bring in much more benefits that just low labor costs. Here are seven benefits of outsourcing, which you probably didn’t know about:

1. Reduce your workload and increase the focus on your business

As the owner of a growing company, you might have realized that it is difficult to pay equal attention to all the aspects of your business. For example, your staff may be great at other tasks but don’t have the technical know-how and skills of running a successful business website. By outsourcing website development to India, you can leverage the twin benefit of reducing your workload and focusing on your primary business tasks.

2. Get access to specialized skills

Your company may not have access to skills needed to undertake a particular business task. For example, you require accurate CAD drawing or photo retouching and your in-house resources don’t have the required skills. In such cases, outsourcing is a great option and can give you access to expert skills at a low cost.

3. Better risk management

Outsourcing certain parts of your business can help you benefit from better risk management. Since outsourcing is done with a contract, it makes the outsourcing firm responsible for the work that you outsource. If your company were to do the same work in-house, there would not be any contract and your company would be answerable if any issues did come out in the future.

4. Free up more resources

Every organization, no matter the size, works under the constraint of internal resources. Outsourcing a few of your business functions can help you free up your resources and efficiently use them for more important business tasks.

5. Bring in more creativity

Doing the same work, over and over again leads to monotony and lack of creativity. Outsourcing is the best way for a company to bring in more creativity and freshness to a business task. For example, if your staff is not able to come up with a creative advertising campaign, you can outsource it. This way, you will get new ideas.

6. Increase customer satisfaction

Your overall business might be good, but there may be some aspects that are falling short of your customer’s expectations. For example, your product may be excellent, but your customer service may not. This would eventually eat into the credibility of your business. However, if you outsource customer support to a professional call center company, you can increase the satisfaction level of your product.

7. Run your business on your 24/7 basis

When your work is outsourced to India, that has a different time zone, you can keep your business running on a 24/7 basis for 365 days a year. This way, you can maximize your profits and keep ahead of your competitors.

What are some of the other benefits of outsourcing that you have personally experienced? Share your thoughts/views in the comments box below.

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