Drone Video Editing for Commercial Purposes

The Rise of Drone Video Editing for Commercial Purposes

Posted on June 22, 2017

With rapid advancement of technology, people are innovating with newer ways to accomplish tasks. For instance, the proliferation in the use of drones in different business niches has made them immensely popular, and today, many photographers and professional film makers are using drones to capture overhead shots and videos with ease. Many industries are using drone captured videos for professional and commercial purposes like the real estate industry where agents shoot drone videos of the properties to give a complete view of the property to potential buyers.

Benefits of Using Drones for Videos

Many companies prefer using drone videos because drones are able to shoot the videos with better detailing, and this helps the company to gain an edge over their competitors.

With the unique ability to fly to places which are difficult for humans to reach, drones enable the capturing of shots from entirely new perspectives. Drones are able to convey an inimitable voyeurism which would not have been possible otherwise.

Furthermore, drones allow you to get much closer to the event or action, which would have been almost impossible for a videographer. For instance, it can be very dangerous for a person to stand just a few feet away from fireworks to capture the shot with great detailing, but, a drone can easily fly close to the booming fireworks and capture the action from a highly intense standpoint.

While drones are capable of capturing the videos in much better ways than humans, but, the drone captured videos need expert editing to ensure that video reveals the best elements.

Editing Of the Drone Captured Videos

The editing of drone videos can be done using the standard video editing software, but, apart from these, some drone manufacturers also offer their own video editing software. For instance, GoPro offers a range of applications which helps you organize, edit and backup your footage captured by the drone.

Apart from these, there are countless other video editing programs available for beginners and professional video editors that can be leveraged for editing the videos captured by drones. The two of the most popular software include:

  • VSDC Free Video Editor
  • Avidemux

The VSDC Free Video Editor is one of the best and exhaustive software for in-depth editing, but, beginners might find it a bit daunting.

Some of the advanced drone video editing software includes Creative Suit by Adobe and Final Cut Pro for Apple users. Powerful software like these require high-end system configuration, so, before using them, ensure that your computer or laptop is compatible with it.

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