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Posted on June 28, 2012

Do you have a good business with great products, but are losing out on customers because of a poor website? If yes, why not think about outsourcing the development of your website to a skilled Indian service provider. Indian web designers and developers are creative, multi-talented and have the capability to work with the latest web technologies.
An experienced Indian service provider like Flatworld Solutions can transform your website into a useable, scalable and accessible platform, through which you can easily and effectively communicate with your target audience. Here’s what Flatworld Solutions can do for your website:

1. Get successful with increased usability

Our designers understand how potential customers view websites and what makes people stay on a site. We can increase the usability of your website by reducing the number of clicks and making the navigation simple and easy to use. When your customers can quickly find what they are looking for, you can be sure to see a marked improvement in your sales.

2. Retain customers with improved accessibility

If your current website has heavy pages that take a long time to load, then you are definitely losing out on customers. Since accessibility is critical to the success of a website, our developers can help your users navigate to where they want to go in less than 3 clicks.

3. Reach your target audience with eye-candy images and graphics

Your website is definitely lacking something if it does not have appropriate graphics, images or designs to complement your content. Our talented designers can enrich your site with designs and graphics that reflect your company’s brand and communicate with your target audience.

4. Make more revenue with an e-commerce system

Our developers can build an ecommerce functionality behind your site’s web interface. With the backend system, you can easily add products, categories, track orders and showcase featured products. With an appealing shopping experience on your site that is easy and fast, your customers will be coming back for more of your products.

5. Out beat competitors with effective SEO

Our SEO services can increase your sales by making sure that you rank higher on Google’s results page. With our website optimization, key word research, search engine submission, link exchange management and measurement analysis, our SEO specialists can make sure that your site gets the best viewership from search results.

What do you think about the idea of outsourcing your company’s website? Do you think it is better to get your in-house employees to manage your site? Share your views with us.

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