Popular PCB Design Software to Watch Out for in 2020

Popular PCB Design Software to Watch Out for in 2020

Posted on September 12, 2019

Designing of circuits require software programs, whether it costs money or not. These take you through the prototyping phase to the industrialization phases. Because these software are available in a variety of options, it becomes difficult to choose the one you require the most. Since these software can cost up to thousands of dollars, you need to make an informed decision. The following list will give comprehensive information about Popular PCB Design Software to Watch Out for in 2020:

1. Eagle

German CadSoft Computer GmbH developed this software in 1988. EAGLE is actually an acronym and it stands for Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor. The software is available in three versions, namely, paid, standard, and premium. You can get the following features in EAGLE:

  1. Diagram editor
  2. Diagram hierarchy
  3. Changing annotations between PCB and the diagram
  4. Diagrams for the layout coupled with advanced features

2. Altium

Protel systems, an Australian company devised this software in 1985. They are now American owned and are amongst the top PCB modeling creation software. The firm gets 6000 new subscriptions every year and hopes to get a 200 million dollar turnover in 2020. The company provides a free trial for 15 days upon the completion of which, one has to purchase the product to continue using it. You can get the following features in Altium:

  1. Design environment with layout routing, documentation, diagrams, and simulation
  2. DMF or Design for manufacturing to ensure PCB designs are reliable, functional and easy to produce
  3. Designs that are 3D flex-rigid
  4. Output of production file

3. Proteus

An English company founded the Proteus electronic CAD solution, in 1988. It is marketed over 50 countries across continents. There are two main software programs in this suit:

  1. Proteus ISI: electric simulation and diagram creation
  2. Proteus ARES: automatic component positioning with a solution for printed circuit routing

4. KiCad

It is an open-source, printed circuit design software suite which is available for free. The design software includes PCB routing, management of diagrams and 3D modeling capabilities for electronic engineers. The features and specifications of this product are as follows:

  1. Kicad: project manager
  2. Pcbnew: printed circuit editor
  3. Eeschema: electric diagram editor
  4. Gerbview: Gerber file viewer
  5. Cvpcb: utility to select the physical imprints of components used in the diagram
  6. Pcbcalculator: design aid tool to calculate resistance values, track widths, etc.

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