Why your Pharmacy Should Outsource Pharmacy Business Services?

Posted on April 25, 2015

Is your pharmaceutical business looking for scalable, time-saving and cost-effective services that can help you channel more of your time, energy, money and resources into your core business? If yes, then what you need are Pharmacy Business Services from India.

5 reasons why India is the ideal destination for pharmacy business services

India is a leader when it comes to offering premium quality pharmacy business services.  With immediate access to a team of dedicated LTC specialized experts, trained pharmacy consultants and experienced pharmacists, you can be assured of accurate, fast and seamless services. You will also be able to stay up-to-date with the latest development and happenings in the vast field of pharmacy.

1. Access to a skilled team of specialists:  Outsourcing pharmacy business services to India can give you access to a certified, trained and experienced team of specialists who can expertly handle various categories of drug codes. With a team of pharmacists who have in-depth know-how of HIPAA compliance and Medicare part D, who can work under any pharmacy information system, you can be sure of quality services. Every project will also be scanned by a skilled team of quality assurance specialists to ensure that there are zero errors.

2. LTC subject matter experts: India is one of the few outsourcing destination that has a huge pool of subject matter experts who are trained on varied pharmacy information systems (PIS) such as, Frameworks, QS1, CIPS, HBS and Helix amongst others. LTC subject matter experts from India are also proficient at using any type of tool or format, such as, Payor Rules, Facility Census, CoverMyMeds and DocuTrack to name a few.

3. Scalable services: Indian pharmacy business service providers have the scalability to manage both small and large volumes of pharmaceutical workflows and stocks.

4. Value-add pharmacy business services:  Whether your pharmacy business requires medical coding or any other customized healthcare service, you can get access to any type of value-add pharmacy business service.

5. Global delivery model: India is one of the few outsourcing destinations that offers global delivery services across world-wide locations that operate on a 24/7 basis.

4 services your pharmacy business can outsource

1. Pharmacy management

Have you always wished you can get someone else to handle your entire end-to-end prescriptions and also complete it at a fast pace? Now this is possible through pharmacy management services, where a professional team will seamlessly manage your entire pharmacy management process right from the run time, cut offs, expectations and cycles. Such a service will not only increase your ROI, but also save you hours of precious hours.

2. Pharmacy billing

Through standard workflow mechanisms, which will expertly manage everything from payment posting to patient verification, your pharmacy billing will no longer be a chore. On the other hand, outsourced pharmacy billing services will help you exponentially increase your productivity as well as quality levels.

3. Document management

Running a pharmacy business is not easy and most of them have to deal with daily complexities that crop up in data integration, documentation, process metrics and PIS conversion. What your pharmacy business needs is well-charted out work plan that will ensure accurate document management and make sure that your regular workflow is error-free.

4. Mail order pharmacy

Outsourcing mail order pharmacy to India can guarantee you the results that you want, which are a fast system delivery and better process efficiency.  Mail order pharmacy is a non-core activity that can be easily outsourced, so that your business can reduce your operational costs and shift your focus onto other major aspects of your business.

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What do think is the biggest benefit of outsourcing pharmacy business services?  Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Flatworld Solutions love to hear from you!

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