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Top 5 Pharmaceutical Research Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Posted on November 25, 2021

The pharmaceutical sector is undergoing a major transformation. The sector, which has been sluggish to accept technology in the past, is currently undergoing a fast transformation as a result of the development of many technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI), additive manufacturing, Blockchain, and other Industry 4.0 technologies are among the most notable Pharma industry developments. More investments, the expansion of technological startups, the expiration of numerous major patents, as well as increased inter-organizational partnerships and a favorable regulatory environment, are all encouraging innovation in the pharmaceutical business.

Every year, new trends are bringing a massive change in the Pharma research industry. We now will look into the top 5 Pharma research trends in 2022.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to speed up drug research and development. Startups are experimenting with the use of these technologies to address numerous difficulties in the pharmaceutical sector, such as manufacturing process automation and optimization, as well as developing successful marketing and post-launch tactics. Patient identification plays a critical role in the medication research and development process, especially when it comes to clinical trials.

  2. Digital Health Strategy

    Instead of focusing on traditional medication manufacture and marketing, Pharma companies will be focusing more on innovative technology-based techniques to appeal to providers and payers. “Around the pill” refers to more than just the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceuticals; it also refers to the development of a drug and its integration with digital health technologies.

    These are frequently patient-support programs, which are frequently non-clinical solutions to improve the patient result and the health system.

  3. Digital Pills

    For individual patients with specific illnesses, digital pills and drugs with embedded electronic circuits may be a useful answer. Rather than smartphone tracking applications, they are ingestible drugs with inbuilt electrical circuitry. For patients with severe diseases like schizophrenia and severe depression, such tablets might be life-changing, as skipping a medicine can have significant implications.

  4. Virtual Reality against Painkillers

    As we speak, virtual reality (VR) is now turning into a reality in hospitals. You may work in the operating room as a doctor without ever raising a scalpel. If you’re a medical student, you may spend more time studying the human body and preparing for real-life surgery. You might be able to overcome your fear of heights, schizophrenia, or paranoia as a patient with mental health issues.

  5. Flexible Production

    Due to shifting market dynamics, the pharmaceutical sector is experimenting with innovative production methods, such as tiny batches for precision medicine. Single-use technology is gaining popularity because it lowers downtime and boosts productivity by removing tedious tasks like cleaning and validation between different stages of manufacturing. The growing focus on biopharmaceuticals has led to the development of new types of bioreactor systems and continuous production techniques.

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