Peachtree Vs QuickBooks: Which Is Better?

Posted on November 8, 2014

Peachtree and QuickBooks are two popular finance and accounting software programs that used by businesses of all sizes to help them efficiently manage their finances. By using any of these accounting programs, you can effortlessly manage your accounts in a professional manner. Both of these software programs have very similar features and benefits. But which one should you use? What are the pros and cons of using Peachtree over QuickBooks and vice versa?

End-to-end user support

QuickBooks, when compared to Peachtree offers more help to users. For instance, with QuickBooks, you can easily set up a company profile and perform your transactions. Everything is easy to follow, with user-friendly interfaces and pictures. With the interview mode in QuickBooks, you can easily set up the software for your business, by simply following the steps, with a “yes” or “no” answer.

Well- designed forms

When you look at Peachtree and QuickBooks, the latter does much better with its forms, like purchase orders, tax documents and utility bills. The forms have been designed to resemble actual paper documents. The well-designed forms of QuickBooks makes the process a lot more simple.

Transparency in calculations

In Peachtree, the transactions and the transparency of calculations is much more superior when compared with QuickBooks. For example, if your use Peachtree, it will be easier to quickly see from which accounts money is leaving and which accounts it is accumulating into. This feature can not only help you save on hours, but can also enable you to efficiently monitor your finances.

The delete option

With Peachtree, you can enjoy the ability to easily delete the entire transaction history and other such data of a company that you might have done business with. Though this may seem like a small advantage, it can actually save you a lot of time, when compared to manually deleting every transaction/record one by one.

The cost

When it comes to the cost, both these software programs cost a little over $200 for a single-user version. If you opt for the multi-user version of QuickBooks, you would have to pay over hundred dollars more than the multi-user version of Peachtree Complete and a hundred dollars less than Peachtree Premium. The Peachtree Premium version includes serial number inventory management and other industry specific features. QuickBooks Premier also offers industry specific features and automatic check signing.

Which accounting software would you buy for your business? Peachtree or QuickBooks?

You could also consider outsourcing Peachtree or QuickBooks accounting services to India and save on the cost of buying these software programs.

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2 thoughts on “Peachtree Vs QuickBooks: Which Is Better?

  1. Kay Flanery

    I want to understand more about your statement about deleting transaction history. That has not been my experience. Please contact me.

  2. Joe

    Peachtree is a far superior program. Unfortunately it no longer exists in desktop form and has been transformed into a “cloud-based” program. If you can find an old (2000-2012) copy of Peachtree WITH serial, registration and customer numbers include then get it…it’s the best bargain in small business accounting. Avoid Quickbooks at all cost. It will bring you nothing but heart ache.


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