How are Financial Services Changing through Digitalization?

With the proliferation of smart devices, increased access to the internet, and the advancements in technology, the way financial services used to be delivered is changing. Every industry and business niche has undergone significant transformation with digitization and so has the financial sector.

Digitalization is one of the latest technology waves which has been making things much easier for the users, and the impact of digitization on the finance and accounting sector cannot be overlooked. Technology is facilitating several new ways of investing and managing money, while making it easier to track, store, and carry out transactions.

Top 4 Ways in Which Financial Services are Changing through Digitalization

Digital innovations are key to provide superior customer experience and achieve better business performance. Today, financial services are changing significantly through digitization and here are the primary ways in which these changes can be witnessed:

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Top Advantages of VR in Architecture Design

As technology is being embraced by different industries, it has started benefitting us in many unprecedented ways. For instance, the use of VR (Virtual Reality) in the construction and architectural industry has completely revolutionized the way we used to work.

By leveraging real-time renderings and motion tracking, designers and architects are able to conduct a physical walk through various segments of a home or building. Moreover, with VR architects and designers can design spaces with 3D spatial awareness, which can’t be experienced through simple 2D renderings, floorplans, and elevations.

Top 5 Advantages of VR in Architecture

VR is incredibly helpful in the architectural processes and offers a wide array of advantages. Here are some of the top benefits of VR in the Architecture Design:

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5 Tips to Make the Underwriting Process Efficient

Loan underwriting is a complicated process and involves a lot of documentation. Moreover, there’s no room for any mistakes or errors, as it may affect the process of the loan application or insurance for which underwriting is being done. This is why most of the people look for professional underwriting agents who can help them with the documentation and other pre-requisites.

To improve the underwriting process and make it more efficient, one can follow various tips mentioned below:

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How Medical Costs Will Speed Up in 2018 and Beyond?

Medical costs have always been a matter of concern for a lot of people, and an increase in the costs can affect a large number of people. As 2018 is around the corner, the people have already started speculating whether the health care costs will increase, decrease, or stay the same.

As per PwC, the healthcare costs are expected to increase in 2018, but there would only be a slight increase in the costs. These increased costs are being termed as the “New Normal” in the healthcare industry. The industry experts are accentuating on the fact that the healthcare industry must adjust to the new normal because the costs will keep increasing modestly over the coming years as well.

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Top Future Trends in Software Testing to Watch Out For

Software Testing is one of the most vital aspects of the overall SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and its significance cannot be underestimated as it ensures whether the developed software is fit to be introduced to the customers or not.

As competition in the field of software development is increasing dramatically, a large number of organizations are emphasizing more on software testing. Efficacious testing of software helps in reducing the time to market, and enables the organization to gain an edge over their competitors.

As software testing is becoming more prominent, the trends in this domain are also changing frequently. Here, we have summarized the top software testing trends that are expected to dominate the software testing market in the coming year.

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The Importance of Social Media Listening

Social Media has become very important from the business’s perspective because a large percentage of potential and existing customers of a business are connected on social media channels. Every person has his/her opinion about a particular brand and its products or services.

The customers often interact with other people, and share these opinions on the social media channels and instant messaging apps. Also, since most of the businesses and brands are present on the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc., the customers can also directly interact with the businesses.

Owing to these factors, social media platforms have become a credible and imperative source of useful insights. This is why, listening to social media channels can prove quite useful for the businesses as they can derive resourceful insights for improving their offerings. Listening to social media channels can help you retain your customers while equipping you with the information that can help you gain an edge over your competitors. But, if you do not have a proper and well-designed “Social Media Listening Strategy”, then you might miss many of the valuable insights.

Some of the advantages of Social Media Listening are listed here:

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What Qualities Should You Look for in an HR Consultant?

Hiring an HR consultant can be a daunting task because all the HR service providers boast about their services and claim to be the best. In such a scenario, when everyone claims to be the best service provider, it becomes difficult to determine who can provide the requisite HR services in the desired manner.

If you have also been experiencing such dilemma, then here are some top qualities which are often found in the good HR consultants and on the basis of these qualities, you can take the right decision about which HR consultant should you hire.

Some of the top skills which you need to look for in an HR consultant are listed here:

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Technology Trends That Will Dominate the Logistics Industry

As technology is advancing at a fast pace, every industry is experiencing dramatic changes in the way it operates. Among the top industries which are changing significantly owing to the technological advancements, one is the logistics industry. There are many technological trends, which experts believe will dominate the logistics industry in 2018 and further.

Here are the top technology trends which are going to dominate the Logistics industry in the coming future:

Surge Of Self-driving Vehicles In the Logistics Industry

2016 was full of announcements related to self-driving cars and vehicles by the renowned companies. Google spun off its self-driving car group into Waymo, the under indulged in taking trials, it even acquired OTTO (a self-driving truck startup), and Ford also announced its plans for the self-driving cars development.

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How to Hire a Good Customs Broker?

Importing from across the borders seems like a lucrative option because some things can be imported for much cheaper prices and things which are not available in a country can be made available by importing them from other places. But one of the questions that pops into the mind of people planning to indulge in the business of export and import is that how they would get their things cleared at the border and who would take care of the customs formalities which need to be done at every international border.

Well, by hiring a good customs broker this problem can be resolved easily. A customs broker is like a logistics expert of a freight forwarder, who is licensed and authorized to perform the documentation required at the international borders to carry out the customs formalities.

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Top Ways in Which Augmented Reality is Changing Our Lives

Augmented Reality (AR), which differs significantly from VR (Virtual Reality), gives a live “direct or indirect” view of the “real world” or physical environment in which various entities are “augmented” by extracting real-world sensory input or computer generated graphics.

Unlike VR which creates a completely virtual environment, the AR leverages the real environment around the user and superimposes it with a computer-generated image while overlaying it with new & useful information.

Like other technologies, the AR is also being used by the companies to improve the lives of people by facilitating various applications and AR powered tools. Here are the top ways in which AR is changing the lives of people:

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