How is Video Content Transforming the Learning Industry?

The learning industry has witnessed a huge growth in the recent times. One of the biggest contributors to the growth of this industry is video content. Name any reputed brand in the industry and you’d know that video content has been a game changer for them. Posting videos not only on their portals but also on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. has proved to be a great part of marketing and reaching out to consumers. After all, we all know how amazingly video content is being consumed across the globe and how it is connecting people from miles apart.

Video is the Fastest Way to Learn

If we go by a recent survey, visual information has the power to process 60,000 times more strongly than text can ever do. This in itself is huge evidence of the fact that creating video content is a game changer for a brand. Taking support of another statistics, people remember only 10 percent of what they read and 20 percent of what they hear but 30 percent of what they see. This brings us to another conclusion – video content is the way out for the learning industry. If we were to combine the attention span of a visual where one can see and hear, we saw that people were able to remember 50 percent of the content.

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How the Demand for Blockchain Developers is Exploding?

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you’d know how Blockchain technology has gained a reputation in the industry. The world is gung-ho about it and more and more professionals skilled in development are being searched for. Just like the last quarter of 2017 that saw a boom in Blockchain developer recruitment, 2018 will continue to reap good opportunities for Blockchain developers. Jobs for these developers rank second in the list of top 20 fastest growing jobs. In fact, the requirements have doubled this year reinstating the fact that the demand for Blockchain developers is exploding.

Going by a report issued by Upwork, Blockchain developers are getting as high as 150$ per hour for rendering their services. In the US, the median income of any Blockchain developer is close to $130,000 annually, way more than that of a regular software developer who earns somewhere around $105,000 annually. What’s more is that in high-end tech regions such as the popular Silicon Valley and New York, this can go up to $158,000 at a place where regular developers are hired at $140,000. This brings to the conclusion that there is as much as $18,000 up for grabs for even regular developers. While most demand is in the high-tech regions, it is only a matter of time when one will witness it increasing in other regions as well.

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Top Mortgage Industry Trends to Watch Out For in the Coming Times

The housing industry is definitely one to watch out for this year. Don’t agree with us? Check out the below-listed points:

  • Prices are expected to climb, but not as quickly as they generally do
  • More homes could be available at the end of the year, providing home buyers much variety and a greater collection to select from
  • Homebuyers will have more equity to borrow out of

However, in other ways, the coming times could continue to be hard, particularly for buyers. Listed below are top mortgage industry trends to watch out for in the coming times.

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How Can Data Science Add Value to Your Business?

Frankly, Big Data isn’t anything without the involvement of professional skills that help turn cutting-edge technologies into actionable insights. While media, education, healthcare, securities, all have taken the advantage of big data, financial industry too has started opening its doors to it. By unlocking the power of Big Data, they have also raised the worth of a data scientist that knows how to push the worth of a high amount of data which currently exists within an organization.

There’s no doubt in the fact that the modern business arena is bombarded with data. As per a report in the year gone by, McKinsey estimated that “big data initiatives in the healthcare industry of the US could account for as much as $450 billion in decreased health-care expenditure or up to 17 percent of the $2.6 trillion touchstones of the cost of US health-care”. It is important to note here that bad data costs the US approximately $3.1 trillion annually.

Therefore, the value of analyzing and processing of data is highly evident. And this is exactly where the spotlight comes on a data scientist. While most professionals are aware of how hot big data science is, they are still unknown to the value that a data scientist holds within a company.

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Top Document Scanning Trends to Look Out For in the Future

The world is in a constant state of evolution. As we evolve, the technology advances with us. We are making new innovations every day and the tech industry is seeing huge growth spurts. Management of Documents may not strike one as the most obvious arena for development but it is an integral one for there are numerous developments there as well. Listed below are some of the trends related to document scanning that you need to know.

  1. Client Portals Will increase

    The documents that we generate are not only required by our companies, but also the extremely tech-savvy clients require access to these documents in order to create their own assessments. Such access provides for increased satisfaction of the customer and better reviews from these very customers. An upgrade from the traditional file sharing options like e-mail is beneficial because it allows the client to view the latest files and make comments on it if he wishes and also suggest any changes he would want.

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How 3D Printers can Change the Way You Eat?

The population of the world has been increasing exponentially. Although agricultural production has also been revolutionized, many believe that our production does not meet the current population’s requirements. If the population keeps increasing at this rate, then food production techniques will need to be radicalized to keep up with the high demand. There are some new ideas that are emerging that will ensure that no one goes hungry.

The answer may lie in three-dimensional printers, better known as 3D Printers. They can print almost anything, jewelry, toys, decorations, etc. Some carbon fiber printers can even create miniature automobiles with vivid detail.

Some recent developments in this technology have seen printers actually produce food materials. Many believe this holds the answers to the world’s food problems. Foods can be printed with better nutritional values and even give areas which have no access to fresh foods, enough food to eat.

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Top 6 Tips for Effective Mortgage Loan Processing

Anyone reading this article and planning to get a loan needs to know that mortgage loan processing is a very time-consuming process as it requires a large amount of documentation. Add to it, the processing which takes up even more time, and in turn, the entire process gets delayed. But if proper planning is implemented, then all this can be avoided. We’ve come up with a few really quick tips that one should know before delving into this area.

Some of the most important tips to effective mortgage loan processing are listed here:

  1. Know How to Calculate Income

    Income needs to be based on actual file calculations and not just on a rough estimate. It should not just be assumed to be acceptable, rather if the income consists of more than the desired salary, then the processor should know how the whole thing has been calculated.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – All You Need to Know

Today, we live in the information age and data is one of the most vital assets owned by organizations. The various organizations across the globe collect, record, and store the data pertaining to their customers, patrons and even, the prospective customers.

While most of the companies ensure that they use data to improve their customer service, but, there have been many instances where such data has been misused by the organizations. This calls for strict data protection laws and regulations which can help in safeguarding personal and financial information of people and preventing it from getting misused.

One such data protection regulation is “GDPR”. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was introduced by the European Commission in January 2012 as a data protection reform across the European Union. GDPR applies to the organizations in all the member states and it has implications for individuals and businesses across Europe and beyond.

What is GDPR?

GDPR is a set of rules and regulations which aims at simplifying the regulatory environment for businesses while giving the people more control over their data. GDPR has been designed in a way that both, businesses as well as individuals can optimally benefit from the emerging digital economy.

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4 Market Research Tips for Small Businesses

We already know how valuable market research is to the evolution and growth of any business or venture, be it a multinational or a startup. However, conducting thorough market research can be overwhelming, especially determining how to conduct the research and what parameters to use. To keep your confusions at bay, we have listed four pointers which can help you simplify ‘market research’. So, read on to soar your business earnings.

4 Market Research Tips You Should Not Miss

  1. Define your Goal

    Remember when you were a kid and asked to write the objective of the experiment you’d carry out? Similarly, any research – be it scientific or market begins with defining the goal. So, understand what is the motive behind carrying out this research? Are you looking towards increasing your sales? Or do you want more leads or traffic? Do you wish to convert your one-time customer into a regular customer? Figure this out and you’ll find yourself getting better with the collection of date. All your research, observations and conclusions will then be aligned with your objective.

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Top 4 Video Animation Tips from the Industry Experts

Animation is no cake walk; in fact, it can well be labelled as one of the most difficult skills to learn and grasp. Most animators will agree to the fact that it takes years of practice, devotion, and a lot of effort to reach the point where they actually wish to be. Having said that, animation is one field that is always adapting and on boarding new techniques. Or in other words, it isn’t something that one can learn once and become an expert; rather, it is a profession that requires constant learning. If you are not learning the latest adaptations, you’re bound to stay behind.

Top 4 Video Animation Tips

Here, we’ve listed the top 4 video animation tips from the industry experts. These tips are unique and you may or may not have even come across it. As they are suggested by the industry’s finest animators, they’re going to be extremely valuable for you.

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