Outsource Writing Services to Flatworld Solutions and Gain a Global Audience

Posted on July 28, 2009

Is your company looking for a professional writing service offering custom content development? Are you searching for a service provider specializing in research writing? Does your organization need good marketing material to target global audiences? Flatworld Solutions provides a one-stop solution for all your writing needs. With high-quality marketing material written by creative and professional writers, outsourcing your writing services will help you gain a cost-competitive option that will bring about a boost in your business.

Flatworld Solutions offers an extensive range of writing services that include:

Copywriting: Copywriting is the art of writing creative and persuasive lines in order to market and sell a product or service. Flatworld Solutions’ team of creative copywriters are well experienced in writing eye-catching headlines, baselines, tag lines, body copy and long copy for different media including print, radio and television.

Script Writing: Flatworld Solutions offer script writing services for short films, television commercials, short stories, television plays, radio plays and documentaries. Our professional script writing team can turn an idea or suggestion of yours into a successful film or commercial.

Text Editing: Text editing involves the correction of grammatical, textual and lexical errors. Flatworld solution offers well-trained in-house editors who are specialists in print and technical editing. When you subscribe to our editing service, we make sure that your content is not only edited but also organised and well-presented.

Content Writing: Good and superior content is necessary in order to attract and retain visitors to your website. Also the content present on your website should serve the dual purpose of advertising your services or products and provide the customer with a consistent flow of information. Flatworld solutions provide high-quality content writing solutions that will optimise your content and help you achieve higher search engine rankings.

Technical Writing: Flatworld Solutions offer specialised technical writing solutions in computer software and hardware, manufacturing, medical, legal, financial and automotive industries. Our experienced technical writers are trained to handle different types and sizes of technical writing and documentation which will help you achieve your product goals.

Flatworld Solutions also specialize in business writing services that include high-quality white papers, executive summaries, business reports and case studies.Outsourcing your writing services to Flatworld Solutions will also enable you to enjoy the added benefits of a highly skilled and experienced workforce, faster execution time, complete client focus and huge savings on time, effort and manpower.

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  1. Cameron Kelly

    Copywriting is also a skill that takes years of practice to become very effective in advertising what you are selling.


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