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Posted on July 7, 2009

Technical and architectural drawings made on paper tend to fade with time, are costly to store and are easily subjected to constant wear and tear. Converting them to a digital format allows you to conveniently handle, store and maintain all important drawings without any damage or loss of data. Outsourcing to Flatworld Solutions will enable you to gain cost-effective paper to CAD conversion services for all your engineering, mechanical, structural, electrical, civil and architectural drawings.

Flatworld Solutions offer a wide range of highly accurate CAD conversion services for all file types, namely, DWG, DXF, TIFF, JPEG, CALS, RLC, PCX, Intergraph and CITT. Some of our customized conversion services include:

  • Paper to CAD conversion
  • AutoCad to ArchiCAD conversion
  • ArchiCad to AutoCad conversion
  • Hand sketches to CAD conversion
  • Scanned documents to CAD conversion
  • Photographs to CAD conversion
  • CAD redrafting and conversion
  • Blueprint to CAD conversion
  • Raster image to CAD conversion

In order to maintain top quality and accuracy, all hardcopies of drawings are first scanned and then drafted and digitized using up-to-date software. A well qualified and experienced team of engineers, architects, draftsmen and CAD operators use AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and ADT to ensure that all drawings are dimensionally and geometrically accurate.

By outsourcing your paper to CAD conversions services to Flatworld Solutions you will gain the advantage of:

  • Having your poor quality originals converted into superior quality drawings
  • Saving on time when compared to manually digitizing, redrawing, copying and printing documents
  • Converting your raster format documents into 100% CAD perfected dimensions
  • Providing improved services to your customers at lower costs
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Having shared access to large files and databases
  • Eliminating any chance of misplacing your drawings and documentation

Outsourcing your paper to CAD conversion services to Flatworld Solutions further enables you to reduce the retrieval and print time of your electronic files, improve the flow of information and gain expert services at a cost-competitive price.

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