How to Optimize your IVR System?

How to Optimize your IVR System?

Posted on February 7, 2015

Most companies choose IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, when it comes to improving their customer support services. But how can you improve the potential of this handy call routing tool? Here are three simple ways to optimize your IVR system and maximize its uses.

If your business receives a large volume of calls, you may be using an IVR system. With an interactive voice response system, comes many benefits, such as, a seamless routing of calls to the right department, improved efficiency and an increase in customer satisfaction. Here are three tips for optimizing your IVR system.

1. Analyze your current structure

Your customers may find it difficult to interact with your IVR system, due to several reasons. For example, a complicated menu option can make it time consuming and challenging for your callers to get in touch with the right department.  This could lead to several unhappy customers and could even increase your company’s call abandonment rates.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to test out your IVR system and check its routing procedures and menus. This will help you to find out the areas that need improvement. Ensure that your instructions are clear and brief, so that your callers can be immediately directed to the concerned call center executive, without a time delay.

2. Improve the IVR script

The right choice of words, along with the right tone can work miracles in your business’s customer service solutions. By making sure that your instructions are easy to decipher and simple to understand, you can establish a better connection with your callers. With an improved IVR script, it will drastically reduce the time they would be required to stay on line and wait for a live call center executive.

3. Evaluate customer feedback

The primary goal of using an IVR system is to direct callers to the most appropriate call center agent, as quickly and efficiently as possible. To make this happen, your call center will need to listen to the feedback given by callers and make appropriate improvements. It is important to make a note of both positive and negative points, so that the system can be re-evaluated and tweaked.

While several companies today invest in an IVR system to reduce costs and streamline call routing, customer support should never be compromised. This is why it is important to regularly evaluate your IVR system and ensure that it is meeting the requirements of your customer.

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