OCR – The Solution to Inaccurate Data Entry

OCR – The Solution to Inaccurate Data Entry

Posted on April 25, 2014

Does your organization have loads of important documents that need to get converted into soft copies? If yes, you can try out Optical Character Recognition (OCR).   In OCR data entry, machines will be used to read text from paper and then convert them into accurate soft copies.

When compared with manual data entry, an OCR service can help you make huge savings on cost, time and effort. Only an OCR service can help you reduce cost and give you quick access to any information. Moreover, once your data is converted into soft copies, you can easily store, edit or retrieve information at the touch of a button.

7 Advantages of Using OCR for your Data

  1. Increase the usability of the data stored in journals and books by converting them into an electronic format
  2. Convert any type of manually written document into soft copies which can be easily shared or retrieved
  3. When compared to other data capturing methods like keystrokes, OCR can capture data from image files at a faster rate
  4. Convert your information into printable electronic formats at an affordable price
  5. Reduce data entry errors through OCR and OCR clean-up services
  6. Make your business activities simple and easy, with accurate data at your fingertips
  7. Handle large piles of data during peak loads with ease

Why Outsource OCR services?

Outsourcing OCR services can give you access to the following:

1. OCR technology – Convert any type of information from any type of document

The OCR technology is a combination of image acquisition and image enhancement technologies. OCR machines have the capability to collate information from any type of document, be it forms, resumes, paper files, address labels, applications, brochures, artwork, photographs, flyers, payroll forms, tax forms, salary slips and spreadsheets to name a few. If need be, you can also choose from the option of only converting selected portions of a document.

Once the OCR of your documents is complete, you can easily use the soft copies on your website or document management system. Service providers like Flatworld Solutions go a step further by using specialized OCR technology, such as music OCR, cursive OCR, typewritten OCR and hand print OCR.

2. OCR process – Get accurate information in any file format

Service providers like Flatworld Solutions will have specialized scanners, along with automatic document feeders to ensure fast scanning and high resolution documents. The scanned digital images and index information will then be stored and converted into the desired file format of the customer, be it PDF, TIFF or 300 dpi to name a few.

3. OCR professionals – Trained experts who make sure that the data entry is accurate

For OCR to be done accurately, it requires the skills of trained professionals. With the skills of experienced OCR experts, you can be sure of accurately converted OCR documents with legible characters. At Flatworld Solutions, our professionals have the ability to scan any type of image format at any resolution.

Why don’t you say goodbye to inaccurate data entry, with an OCR service from Flatworld Solutions?

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