Need for Outsourcing Services for Hospitality Industry

The Need for Outsourcing Services for the Hospitality Industry

Posted on August 6, 2021

There are many reasons why the healthcare sector needs to outsource several business functions.

It helps organizations in the healthcare industry efficiently manage risks. Plus, it helps them achieve time convenience by offering faster, better service.

In these challenging times, it’s good to see the healthcare and hospitality sector show its maturity by igniting the spirit of working together.

This is true hospitality in its essence – helping out the society where possible. However, all of this may not happen without an experienced organization.

Here are the hospitality verticals that will benefit from an effective outsourcing plan for hospitality companies.

  1. Virtual healthcare

    Fear of contracting the coronavirus has led to a massive shift towards virtual care; it’s estimated that virtual care amounts to $250 billion of U.S. healthcare spending.

    More and more patients are opting for remote options such as telehealth instead of office visits. Many experts predict the virtual care model is here to stay, but healthcare needs to be more proactive in managing this shift in the best interests of healthcare patients and providers.

  2. Better vaccine

    Healthcare sector providers and consumers are eager for safer, more effective vaccines against COVID-19.

    But the challenge is to get these vaccines to the market.

    Inoculating people can require strategies around distribution (who gets the vaccine and when), and circumventing probable supply shortages in critical items (like medical glass).

    Then there is the concern for proper administration protocols. With over 160 corona vaccines in development, different vaccines will likely become available at different times and may even differ by effectiveness across populations and geographies.

    Healthcare facilities can outsource one or multiple functions making up the vaccination process.

    This will take a load off of them, so they can focus on accuracy and efficiency.

  3. Staycation

    In stark contrast to last year’s number five hospitality industry trend “booming global tourism”, travel restrictions in 2021 have made the staycation culture grow. Many people look for staycation packages offering places closer to their homes for environmental, professional, or budgeting reasons.

  4. Digitalization

    It’s not uncommon to witness hospitality companies digitizing their guest experiences and bringing in contactless technology.

    Apps, in particular, are increasingly important in the way hoteliers manage the services they provide and are now able to control several aspects of the guest cycle and experience.

    Needless to say, the trend towards digital and contactless services has gained new momentum since 2020 and its associated processes may soon start being outsourced heavily.

  5. Personalization

    Today’s guests want to be recognized and treated as individuals. So, hospitality and healthcare establishments are leaving no stones unturned in their endeavor to personally greet their guests and offer the best possible service.

    Far beyond simply adding the customer’s name to email greetings, data is helping the hospitality institutions dive deep into customer’s past buying habits, thus enabling them to tailor their offers and promotions to their customers’ needs.

  6. Generations X and Y

    These new generations are influencing hospitality companies to change their service offerings to fit their requirements and needs and most importantly prioritize certain things in stark contrast to older generations. For instance, older generations think about hotels and car rentals. Younger generations think about Airbnb and Uber.

  7. Solo backpackers

    In the age of mindfulness, many have embraced the meditative value of spending time alone and spending less.

    People are venturing out into the big wide world unencumbered, interacting and making friends and professional relationships. In an effort to make solo travelers comfortable, barriers between hotel staff and guests are being lowered, interior design choices are being made to evoke a sense of homeliness and cultivate an informal atmosphere.

    This, along with a less stark divide between guests and locals, encourages a feeling of the hotel community.

  8. Automation and technology

    This broad, sweeping category is setting the need for outsourcing in the hospitality industry including the healthcare sector. Healthcare outsourcing services are known to reduce waiting times by taking care of the “menial” tasks.

    Healthcare BPO providers are experts in using big data to optimize processes in favor of the hospitality company. For example, AI-powered chatbots have proven to be a customer service asset both during the booking process and while responding to the recurring questions on the protective measures about COVID-19.

    Having gone through all this, it seems what has undeniably been a very challenging situation for the hospitality industry, including the healthcare sector, in 2020 has yielded benefits that will be felt for years to come. Now, let’s look at the reasons why the hospitality industry needs outsourcing services to thrive.

  9. Not one but many helping hands

    In the travel, hospitality, healthcare business, one has to be good at multiple things.

    As with any industry, though, certain aspects can’t be mastered, at least in less time. And as the world changes, the number, complexity, and importance of those aspects keep increasing.

    This is precisely where outsourcing comes in.

    Outsourcing to a healthcare BPO service company gives one access to existing expertise in certain areas. And the best part is that this expertise can be bought at a reduced cost, allowing the hospitality and healthcare firm to focus on its core business.

    There are many such roles in the hospitality and tourism industry that can be outsourced, like IT, reservations, loyalty program management, accounts, and supplies purchase. Also, it doesn’t end here as the list is long!

    Many of these functions and responsibilities don’t have to be fulfilled in real-time. In fact, for some (like reservations) there needs to be round-the-clock availability. Most of the actual work can be finished via the cloud. Systems can be accessed through any terminal in any location using appropriate security safeguards. So it’s simple for hospitality and healthcare outsourcing specialists to step in and do the work successfully.

Why do Healthcare Institutions Need to Outsource their Services?

  1. To avoid critical mistakes

    US hospitals leave around $130 billion on the table each year because of poor medical billing practices.

    That’s also the reason why 82% of medical bills contain errors. One factor that contributes to this is old, traditional billing methods.

    By outsourcing to healthcare BPO providers, healthcare institutions can get themselves a dedicated team of trained experts who’d focus on billing matters.

  2. Top quality and reduced cost

    The biggest advantage of outsourcing healthcare services is the reduced costs in healthcare operations.

    Outsourcing brings in huge savings with its low-cost manpower and infrastructure. Healthcare outsourcing can help firms save 40-70% of the overall costs.

    Aside from taking care of staff acquisition and retention, partnering with a healthcare BPO can also reduce administrative costs. This happens because the direct benefit of outsourcing healthcare services is more revenue.

Why Flatworld Solutions is Your Best Healthcare BPO Outsourcing Company

Looking at the current scenario, several healthcare institutions are seeking the help of healthcare BPO companies to manage their regular activities. That’s because healthcare outsourcing services offer the perfect solution for healthcare institutions to handle their non-core activities with higher efficiency and lower costs.

Flatworld Solutions is an expert healthcare BPO service provider company where we aim at driving superior outcomes for our clients by facilitating resource allocation, simplifying their processes, and boosting their revenue through cost optimization.

For outsourcing your one or more business functions, connect with us and we’d be happy to help you.

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