Customer Journey Maps

Customer Journey Maps: What Are They and How Can They Help?

Posted on November 17, 2016

Every organization wants to provide complete customer satisfaction and delight. However, how is it possible for the organizations to get correct feedback from the customers, in order to work and improve? This is where the role of a customer journey map comes into play. It is an interactive platform for the customers to voice their experience of the whole journey of a certain service of a particular organization. It is more of narrating the experience in the form of a story rather than just submitting a simple feedback.

Let us get a brief idea about the customer journey maps.

How Do the Customer Journey Maps Work?

If an organization has to keep running at the same pace and with even more precision, it is important that they get the required motivation for their work and at the same time, find out their weak areas and improvise upon them. Based on this bottom-line, the customer journey maps are designed. Therefore, there are certain features that must be incorporated here to make it a stimulating experience for both the sender and the receiver ends.

Some of the vital points are summarized below:

  • Tackling with the taste of all

    A certain customer experience will vary depending on the age of that particular customer. So, the difference of both the experiences and the corresponding takeaway from the feedback can be of immense help to the organization. This will help them to give even more customized services.

  • Change is the keyword

    Change is the only constant in nature and the same applies for the customer journey maps. Today, technology is upgrading every day and the same should reflect in customer journey maps as well. Starting from the user friendliness of the interface to the enhanced touch-point features, the latest version of technology must inculcate everywhere to get even a better overview.

  • Going direct

    Direct communication has no substitute. Therefore, feedback in plain and simple form from the customers is necessary. This is possible with the help of various online surveys, social media blogs, service case notes and the like. This will give an exact idea about where you are fine and where you are going wrong!

  • Channel choice:

    There are various forms of channels to get in touch with the customers. These include marketing campaigns, social media marketing, email marketing and much more. It is crucial to understand the individual response of each channel and accordingly optimize staff in them. An organization may have a different requirement from the other in case of selecting the proper channel to reach the customers faster.

  • Keeping mind the KPIs and more:

    The basic performance determining factors such as average handling time, first contact resolution and net promoter score affect a lot in customer journey maps experience. In addition, the customer should feel at absolute ease and self-sufficient while handling these. The employees also can directly interact and give insights to each customer keeping in mind the brand value of the organization.

Precisely, a customer journey map has become indispensable in today’s business world.

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