Effect of Multi-channel Call Centers on Traditional Ones

The Effect of Multi-channel Contact Centers on Traditional Call Centers

Posted on July 27, 2017

Not a long time ago, the call center industry was one of the swiftest growing domains, and a plethora of international firms indulged in outsourcing their call center operations. But, with the growth in technology and cutting-edge competition in every industry vertical, the call center industry has also undergone a dramatic change. The traditional call centers are increasingly being replaced by multi-channel contact centers.

Advanced Technologies Are Gradually Losing Their Significance

Call centers, which used to be the best point of contact for a person/customer who wanted to interact with a company, are gradually losing their importance. The immense development in the field of communication and proliferation of internet-enabled devices has not only paved the way for multi-channel call centers, but has also helped in improving the offerings.

These days, customers have much higher expectations in regard to consistency and speed, and they seek instant answers. People have become too short of time that sometimes, they even want to avoid the human interaction and are satisfied with the digital ways of resolving issues.

Call Centers Are Being Replaced by Multi-Channel Contact Centers

Owing to the advancement in technologies, many call centers are being replaced by multi-channel contact centers. The multi-channel contact centers lower the costs that organizations earlier used to spend on maintaining their call centers, while significantly enhancing customer service. Customers seem to be more satisfied with the multi-channel contact centers as compared to traditional call centers.

Providing multiple channels to customers yield higher convenience and better customer service.

Benefits of Multi-Channel Contact Centers Over Traditional Call Centers

Here we have listed some of the benefits of multi-channel contact centers over traditional call centers:

  1. Better Management of Interactions

    Multi-channel capabilities facilitate customer engagement benefits in multiple ways. By enabling the customers to communicate across different channels, businesses can effectively cater to their diverse needs and manage their interactions in a better way.

  2. Reduction in the Hold Times

    High quality customer service can greatly help with retention of customers/clients, and thus, providing the customers with the call center services which are able to handle all sorts of issues in a timely manner can make or break the relationship with the customer. The lesser the hold time, the happier is the customer. Multi-channel contact centers significantly reduce hold times, and thus, aid in customer retention.

  3. Considerable Increase in Agent Efficiency

    The interactions with the customers can be highly unpredictable, and that’s why, sometimes it becomes very difficult for the call center agents to effectively handle customers. But, the multi-channel contact center solutions enable the agents to create selective tasks depending on their skill levels to attend each customer in the best possible manner.

With all these benefits, the multi-channel contact centers are certainly the best upgrade an organization can make to keep their customers happy, satisfied, and loyal to the brand.

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