6 Mistakes Which Can Ruin Your Transcription

Common Transcription Mistakes Which Can Ruin an Accurate Transcription

Posted on August 3, 2017

Transcription is one of the fastest growing industry and many businesses worldwide depend on the transcription services. It is especially popular in the field of medicine and law, as much of the medical records and court proceedings are required to be transcribed.

As the transcriptions are particularly required for professional, medical, and legitimate purposes, it demands immense accuracy, veracity, and precision. While, with professional transcription services and seasoned transcribers, these results are not difficult to achieve, but, some common transcription mistakes can affect the accuracy and precision in transcription.

6 Mistakes Which Can Ruin Your Transcription

Let us have a look at some of the common mistakes which ruin an accurate transcription:

  1. Sending the Audio Without Sound Check

    The audio can sometimes be with noise in the background, so the one who sends the audio should be careful and vigilant about the sound quality. If there is ambiguousness in the audio, it certainly affects the accuracy of the transcription. Therefore, it is recommended not to send the audio without a sound check.

  2. Lack of Auxiliary Documentation

    As discussed before, transcriptions are basically used for professional and legitimate purposes. There are certain transcriptions that require the knowledge of history. Most of the transcription service providers are required to use some project-specific jargons in the transcribed files. So, it is wise to provide them with supportive documentation and footnotes.

  3. Lack of Clear Instructions

    Coming to the types of instructions, it can come in many forms, like standard, organized, customized, summarized, etc. So, there are chances of mess up if clear instructions are not provided. Therefore, for an accurate transcription, a clear set of instructions need to be provided.

  4. Choosing the Inferior Option to Save Money

    The transcription service providers charge differently for the various qualities of transcription they provide. As the quality increases, the cost also increases. Sometimes just to save money, people go for an inferior option. This makes the quality of transcription suffer, which has an adverse and noticeable effect on the accuracy and veracity.

  5. Misspelled Names/Words, Homophones

    The sound-alike words are the most common mistake that can be found. For example, use of “its” (possessive) in place of “it’s” (short form of it is).

    Homophones are those words which are pronounced the same but have completely different meaning. For example, “see”, “sea” and “she”.

    These mistakes can easily ruin the precision of the transcription. So, while transcription these things should be kept under severe surveillance.

  6. Fixing an Impractical Deadline

    Transcription needs precision and precision needs time. Hurrying up with the things eventually ruins it. So, a proper time should be given so that the transcription service provider can go through their work, understand the detailing and bring the desired result with utmost precision while maintaining the accuracy.

After going through these mistakes briefly one can extrapolate that transcription is a service which requires streamlined professionalism and if certain factors are disturbed it is ought to have a negative effect on the accuracy of the transcription.

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