Missing Out on Customer Calls? Use 800 Answering Services

Missing Out on Customer Calls? Use 800 Answering Services

Posted on August 9, 2013

Is your business missing several calls a day and thereby losing out on business? If yes, don’t worry. You can put a full stop to missed calls and missed business opportunities with toll free 800 answering services from India. By outsourcing 800 answering services to India, you can exponentially maximize your ROI and improve customer relationships at the same time.

Using 800 answering services is a great way to answer your customers, as your customers will be calling a special 800 number which is completely toll free.  Your customers will not be charged for the call; instead, the receiving party will pay the telephone operator for the call. Based on your area code, you will be given a special number like 855, 877, 833 or 800.

Top 4 advantages of using 800 answering services

There are not one, but several advantages of using a toll free 800 answering service.  Here are the top four benefits of 800 phone answering services:

  1. A completely free toll free 800 number makes your business more accessible to your consumers
  2. By offering a 800 answering service to your customers, you can obtain a brand image that says that you are proactive and concerned about the needs of your consumers
  3. Since the 800 answering line will be dedicated to your company, your customers can be assured of contacting you at any time of the day or night
  4. With an 800 answering service for your business, you can be guaranteed of better customer satisfaction and a drastic improvement in your sales

The results of 800 answering services is best when outsourced

If call answering or 800 phone answering services is not one of your core business skills, then it is best outsourced to a professional company who can seamlessly handle your calls. Outsourcing 800 answering services to India can not only help you save on cost, but can also help you cut down on time and effort, which can be invested into the other core areas of your business. While you utilize your in-house resources to increase your bottom line, you can be sure that an experienced call answering team in India is efficiently handling your toll free customer calls.

India is the best location for 800 answering services – Here’s why

India has the best infrastructure, latest technology, cutting-edge software and experienced call center agents to give you optimum results. When you outsource 800 answering services to India, you can be sure of quality. Indian service providers use the very latest in IVR (interactive voice response) software to provide your customers with fast answering services that are economical to you and your customers. Service providers like Flatworld Solutions even have the capability to come up with custom-fit 800 call answering applications that can effectively interact with your external databases and web services.

India’s unique 12 hour time zone difference also makes it possible for call center agents in India to answer your calls 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. With India’s 800 answering services, your customers need not go through a confusing phone tree or use the voice mail.

Make your business available today!

By making yourself available with a 24 hour toll free 800 answering service, you will be losing fewer business opportunities and achieving greater customer satisfaction. Transform and redefine your business today with an 800 answering service from India.

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