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Top Market Research Trends That Will Dominate the Industry

Posted on June 8, 2017

Market research has become an important part of business activities today, as it helps in understanding the anticipations of the consumers and what they expect from a brand. By investing in good market research, businesses can certainly gain an edge over their competitors.

Here are the top market research trends which are going to dominate the coming year:

  1. Insights Findings to Rise

    In 2017, businesses would be seen investing more in insights findings. Data is becoming more abundant, but, the techniques which can be used for finding resourceful insights are still being developed.

    In the coming year, one will see businesses investing more on strategies and techniques which can facilitate and improve the ability to discover and communicate these insights.

  2. Automation Will Underpin Success Stories In the Near Future

    While this has been a key trend for the last few years, it is going to dominate the industry in the coming year as well.

    Automation helps in reducing costs, accelerating speed, and enabling a business to be more productive. With the ability to enhance productivity of the business, most businesses are investing and will continue to do so to find new automation strategies and opportunities.

  3. Artificial Intelligence Will Dominate the Business Research Trends

    In 2017, AI is going to be everywhere, and it is certainly going to be one of the most talked about market research trends. Businesses are looking for innovative ways to leverage AI to enhance their productivity and take better decisions.

    Amongst the top businesses which will have the highest AI impact in the coming future include data analysis, survey design, project design and text analytics.

  4. Social Media Research To Facilitate Vital Insights

    Nothing reveals better research results than social media. Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google+, etc. are the top places where all the customers share their opinions and much more with their friends, and business brands.

    Social media can facilitate valuable information which can be used by businesses in multiple ways to enhance their customer service, offerings, and to plan their products on the basis of their customers’ anticipations. Thus, social media research will be one of the top trends in 2017, and many more years to come.

  5. Real Time Insights and Call To Action To Intermingle

    In the coming year, real time insights will require a close intermixing with the CTA (Call To Action) between the present day technology providers and market research. This will put additional pressure on the market research companies to exhibit the ROI in real time, and in the measurable terms. Additionally, considering the real time insights and the following action, the lines between market research and marketing in many sectors will blur.

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