Major Benefits of Stop Motion Animation

Major Benefits of Stop Motion Animation

Posted on May 21, 2020

Stop motion is a brilliant way of producing a video for any purpose by using real-time objects and slow enhancement of those objects. Once all the images of those slowly-incrementing objects are combined, it becomes a flowing video.

Key Benefits of Stop Motion Animation

There are ways to produce an interactive video by using different animation techniques we have these days but stop motion has its brilliance to add to your brand.

  1. The primitive way
    Now that we have animation techniques to follow and produce a video, stop motion sets the tone on a different platform. The videos produced quite elegant as it uses real-time props and frames. In some cases, real-time objects are also used such as food items, leaves, etc. Sometimes it becomes easier to use an object rather than creating them using complex animation techniques.
  2. Inexpensive
    When the right ideas are used by hiring an experienced stop motion animation team, you can save on resources and time. Stop motion videos might have to shoot a huge amount of frames but once the frame is prepared, it can be done quickly and efficiently. The cost of this animation services depends on the resources used and the types of props prepared.
  3. Beyond Claymation
    Claymation is probably the most basic way to produce a video. This technique now uses other skills such as figure prop designers, frame designers, artists, puppets, etc. Diverse kinds of objects can be introduced in a 3D world. It is a miniature world produced by the artists and designers for your brand.
  4. Physically real
    The actual reason for loving stop motion animation is its reality. All the props and objects used in a video are prepared by highly-skilled artists and animators. This physical reality is different from any computer-generated graphics. This is what will make an illustrative video more lively and different. It can be used for any purpose, both promotional and educational.
  5. The manual effort
    A team relentlessly works on a prop set for hours and makes the real-time objects move a few millimeters at a time. This shows exceptional planning and coordination. Inanimate objects are used to create an animated video. It takes immense effort but delivers an excellent dimension with infinite possibilities.

Choose Flatworld Solutions for High-quality Stop Motion Animations Services

Flatworld Solutions has been a pioneer in providing quality stop motion animation services and a series of other animation services to global clients. Creating a brilliant tone in your videos will need a special animation technique. Using stop motion techniques is the best way to stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for high-quality animation service for your business, irrespective of the domain, Flatworld Solution is the right company. From visual effects to rotoscoping, FWS engages in every aspect of animation work.

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