Outsource Photo Restoration to India

Low on Time, Money, Resources? Outsource Photo Restoration to India

Posted on October 26, 2012

Is your photo studio is running short of time and resources when it comes to restoring old photographs? Do you want to save on the cost of investing on expensive photo editing software? Do you want to focus on the core aspects of your business without wasting precious time on hiring and training in-house photo editors? If your answer is yes to the above questions, then its time you tried outsourcing photo restoration to India.

Gone are the days when India was only known for software outsourcing. Now, India is one of the world-leading providers of photo editing services and the most sought after destination for photo restoration.  Indian service providers can accurately restore a large number of faded, torn, moldy or spotted photographs at a low cost and within a quick turnaround time.

India is an ideal destination for photo restoration

  • Only in India can you get access to photo restoration services that are low on cost, yet high on quality
  • When you outsource photo restoration to India, you have to option of choosing either a full-time or part-time digital image editor. This way, you only have to pay according to your requirements
  • Indian digital photo editors are certified and trained in using the latest image editing software like Photoshop CS, Chromatica, Eye Candy 3.01, KPT and Creative Suite 2 Premium amongst others
  • Photo restoration companies like Flatworld Solutions have the capability to work with any file format be it RAW, TIFF, JPEG, PSD, PNG, PGF or GIF
  • Indian image editors can efficiently restore and retouch old photos within a short turnaround time of 6 to 12 hours. With fast photo restoration, you can surely please your customers

Almost any type of old photograph can be restored in India

Indian image editing experts have the capability to digitally restore varied types of old photographs that are:

  • Faded over time
  • Stained with blotches and spots
  • Distorted and moldy
  • Blurred and dull
  • Torn or partially damaged
  • Cracked scratched or folded

India can handle a wide array of online photo restoration work

An Indian photo restoration company like Flatworld Solutions can provide the following online photo restoration services for your old photographs:

  • Refurbishing the damage caused by Silver Fish
  • Correcting the color level
  • Repairing the damage caused by loss of pigmentation or chemical coats
  • Removing dirt, tears and scratches
  • Repairing areas spoiled by glue
  • Recreating borders for the photo
  • Fine tuning the sharpness or contrast
  • Converting old black and white photos into color
  • Restoring parts of the photo that are damaged, torn or missing
  • Removing minor shakes, bad lighting, stains and blotches

Enable your customers to relive their precious memories by outsourcing photo restoration to India. You can definitely please your customers and out beat competitors with experts in India carefully restoring your old photographs into new.

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3 thoughts on “Low on Time, Money, Resources? Outsource Photo Restoration to India

  1. Amanda Knapper

    I have about 16 Slides which need restoring and printing off onto normal photographic paper. The slides are damaged as they were in my mother’s house and it was damp and they are therefore spotty. Is this something you can do?

    Many thanks

    Amanda KNapper

  2. Eckhard Konkel

    I have an 8×10 imate that is 70 years old. The image is not sharp, and unfortunately, it is printed on heavily textured paper, so that the texture shows through on the scan. If you want to quote on this image, please let me know where I can send it.

  3. swapnil

    I hav 1 photo of my childhood.. it has a 1cm by 1cm damaged spot.. is it possible to restore plz contact me at my email address…


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