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Key Tips to Keep in Mind While Editing a Manuscript

Posted on December 9, 2021

So you are done with the final draft of the book or manuscript. Now what? Well, the important job starts now. You need to edit your manuscript. Work is frequently abandoned shortly after completion for several reasons, including lack of time, interest in new projects, and dislike of editing. Whatever the case may be, if you want to move from writing to publication, you’ll need to conduct some editing.

Editing does not have to be a pain! Even if you want to employ a professional to polish the work, you must examine and revise it yourself. And, if you want to handle everything yourself, you’ll need to concentrate and give it your all to guarantee that the editing serves the book and meets your manuscript’s objectives.

Here are a few tips to follow to edit a manuscript –

Take a Break

Take a step back before you start ripping up your text with a red pen. Allow time for your text to settle and your thoughts to rest before editing. You are not required to begin editing immediately after entering “The End.” Take a breather and consider something else for a time. When you return to your job, you’ll be able to see it with new eyes. You’ll probably enjoy it better, and you’ll be able to identify little mistakes more readily.

Look for Repeated Words or Phrases

Repeated words and phrases are one of the most typical mistakes you’ll make when drafting the manuscript. As writers, we tend to have ideas “stuck” in our thoughts. Perhaps you’ve been describing every scene as “breathtaking” or asking your reader to “imagine” something more frequently than you should.

Whatever your slogan is, it quite common that it exists in your work! Make a mental note of what you repeat again and over while reading aloud. Then go back and remove some of the repetitions. When you eliminate them, your job will feel more engaged.

Read it Aloud

You’ll almost certainly spot some spelling and punctuation errors if you read your document aloud. Checking for speed and tone is one of the finest reasons to read aloud. When reading quietly, you may sometimes auto-correct, but reading your text aloud at a regular speed will help you spot faults you hadn’t seen previously.

Consider employing a text-to-speech reader if you don’t want to read your entire document aloud. You can easily listen for faults and awkward pace.

Ask someone else to read

During the editing process, you can’t be the only one who reads your text. To acquire an unbiased assessment of coherency, flow, and character cohesiveness, you should offer it to a trusted friend or family member. Give them all the freedom to dismantle it piece by piece. Insist on doing it even if they don’t want to.

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