Key Do's and Dont's While Creating Infographic Designs

Key Do’s and Don’ts While Creating Infographic Designs

Posted on September 24, 2020

What makes a website or any digital presentation more beautiful and interactive? It is the designers of infographics that make delivering information more fascinating and easy to understand. The world of internet has become the playground of these infographic designers as it has become a prime element of online marketing elements.

Points to follow for designing infographics

If you are an aspiring infographic designer, here is what you need to know to design an artistic infographic and surprise the world.

  • Not an excel sheet presentation
    Remember that your client has not hired you to make infographics that resemble excel sheet presentations. Get out of the box and make the design more interactive with colorful ideas and brilliant content. Make sure that you are explaining a story through it properly to make a difference. Remember how stories were told back in the ancient times with hand-drawn images. This is what you are going to do with modern digital tools and better designing capabilities.
  • Adding bite-sized facts
    An infographic presentation becomes more interesting when the readers find interesting facts mentioned in very small sentences with related images, graphs, and other ways of representations. For instance, hierarchical typography for bite-sized facts along with iconography creates an impressive layout to tell a story.

    If you are letting the viewers know about something, you will have to mention sources. In this type of presentation, mentioning the sources is not always possible. This is where you need to be very intuitive while designing an infographic presentation. Always add the right elements when needed and stick to the protocol. Do not go overboard or make decisions lightly.

  • Data visualization
    What is the actual motto of your design? Do you want to create a story or represent data as required by the client? It means you will have to concentrate harder on data visualization. No matter what your motto is, make sure the presentation is oriented accordingly.

    Do not try to add every element you know to make your presentation clumsy. The Intuitive addition of such elements and color palette choices are what make the difference.

  • The hooking element
    Your art will decide the fate of your infographic design. Most of the designers overlook the requirement of defining the hooking element properly. Every business has to convey a message that will hook the readers in. Recognize and work on it.

These are the dos and don’ts of designing infographics you need to keep in mind.

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