Key Benefits of Perceptual Mapping in Marketing

Key Benefits of Perceptual Mapping in Marketing

Posted on March 4, 2021

Perceptual Mapping is a visual representation where brands, products, and services stand strong among competitors. In other words, it is also called positional mapping. There are two key attributes of mapping- Price, and Quality. Once the marketer focuses on any of the attributes, the next step is plotting the brand, products, or services to check if the attribution is perfect or not.

In perceptual mapping, customer input is utilized to help to understand the brand or service. Marketers can also prefer using specific marketing data by looking at the competitive landscape through a digital customer-engagement perspective.

Businesses using perceptual mapping can benefit in many ways:

  • Check the Existing Competition
    By using perceptual mapping, you need to compile the list of existing competition products or services included in the market survey. Completely depending on your product, you should survey at least 3-4 competitors, especially the one having a large market share. This could be time-consuming but is worth it to perform.
  • Gaining Market Segment
    The perceptual mapping helps the marketer to understand the market segment. Marketers, with this, will be able to segregate product and service that fits best as the competitor and market accordingly.
  • Deciding to position your Product
    By using perceptual mapping, you will be able to determine where to position the product against the competition. It is quite risky to compete for head to head with established brands or products.
  • Help in designing the market survey
    By using perceptual mapping, business marketers can develop a rating scale for determinants attributed. However, conducting the survey depends on the situation. In case you have a retail business, you can set up separate spaces for customers for taking the survey. Other business marketers can use the web world for survey purposes.
  • Helps in Tracking Position of New Products
    Every day, new products are launching in the market. As a business marketer, you need to keep track of this to ensure the new product doesn’t stay ahead of you. By using perceptual mapping, marketers will be able to track new products positioned in the market. You can check the marketing techniques implemented and surveys conducted by these new products.
  • Perceptual Mapping for different Products
    Besides checking price and quality, the perceptual mapping is made using different products or service attributes including-

    • Landscaping services – Appearance versus effect on the environment
    • Coffee – Price versus sustainability
    • Hotels – Price versus location and amenities

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