Key Benefits of Ionic App Development

Key Benefits of Ionic App Development

Posted on January 30, 2020

Hybrid Applications are, without a second thought, the best for the vast range of services they offer and their compatibility with all platforms.
For the development of these hybrid applications, the ionic framework is mostly used for its intuitive features.

For the unacquainted, Ionic is an open-source development framework of HTML5 and is used for developing mobile-based hybrid applications.

Check out the benefits of using Ionic platforms-

  • Open-source
    The ionic framework is open source which makes it accessible for most of the developers. The community of this framework is also pretty huge which makes it very helpful to counter any problems occurred during app development.
  • Based in Angular JS
    Mobile-based applications are commonly based on the Angular JS platform and the Ionic framework is also combined with the same. This allows a developer to create a standard mobile application.
  • Compatibility with different platforms
    The ionic framework makes it possible to create an intuitive and efficient application in relatively less time. Even smartphones, running on Android 4.2 supports applications built on this framework. Ionic also allows creating applications for iOS 7 and all the Windows versions.
  • Powerful Performance
    Ionic framework is very useful in developing impressive android, iOS, and Windows applications.
    The CSS transitioning technology of Ionic offers huge leverage for the GPU. This helps in effectively maximizing the processing time and thus makes the application work much faster.
  • Adaptability
    The app developers are very much accustomed to JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other such end languages. Switching to the Ionic framework is no big deal for them. Using an ionic framework is highly recommended if switching from native to the hybrid application is utterly required as it makes the process much simpler.
  • Intuitive User interface
    The ionic framework offers a huge repository of themes. These customizable themes are pretty helpful for a developer to build a helpful mobile application with a dynamic user interface. All the application components automatically adapt to the platform used for the application.
  • Cordova Plug-ins
    This plugin is a repository for almost 70 other configurable plugins. It is very useful in offering dynamic and powerful functionality to an application. The integration of these plugins is also pretty simple and. Developers tend to use an Ionic framework for the availability of the Cordova plugin as it helps them to develop an application in less time. You can opt for our expertise if outsourcing is required for app development projects with the ionic framework.

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