Key Benefits of a PACS System

Key Benefits of a PACS System

Posted on November 28, 2019

Picture archiving and communication system, commonly known as PACS is an imaging technology that manages the retrieval, economical storage, presentation, and distribution of medical images. With the help of PACS reports electronic images can be transmitted immediately digitally. This revives us from the burden of manually maintaining a file containing all the details. It enables the healthcare center to capture, view, share and store all kinds of reports and images both externally and internally.

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine, popularly known as DICOM, is the usual format for PACS. PACS are mostly used to control images from multiple imaging instruments used in the field of medicine, such as endoscopy, computed radiology, ophthalmology, ultrasound, etc. Several other image formats are being added daily.

Some of the key advantages of PACS are listed here:

  1. The replacement of the hard copy

    PACS has helped to replace the conventional method of managing medical files as film archives. The digital platform enables the healthcare centers to access all the images in just a few clicks. They also additionally saves storage space and cut the cost due to the reducing price of the storage on a digital platform.

  2. Access from multiple platforms

    With the help of the digital storage of pictures, they can be accessed from a remote device. In simpler language, it allows the images to be viewed and reported from the offsite. Through the advancement in the field of teleradiology, an image can be viewed and assessed from several different physical locations simultaneously.

  3. Integration of the electronic images internally

    The digital platforms enable the images from one department of the healthcare center to be accessed from other departments of the healthcare center. There is no need to maintain different copies for each department to access the image. This saves the employee the tedious work of maintaining different copies of the same thing. It also reduces the chances of misplacing the file.

  4. Workflow management

    The workflow of the patient can be easily managed with the help of the imaging technology of PACS.

  5. The diagnostician’s benefits

    It helps to easily access all the files of the past and existing patients. It helps in the improved diagnosis of the patients.

  6. Benefits regarding the physician

    It helps to reduce the stay of the patients in the hospital. It helps to improve the outcome of the patients.

The PACS technology, thus helps to better the whole environment of the healthcare organization.

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