Key Applications of Big Data in the Healthcare Sector

Key Applications of Big Data in the Healthcare Sector

Posted on January 28, 2021

Big data technology is changing the way we extract, analyze and implement data across industries. Among all the industries, healthcare is witnessing a positive change with the implementation of big data. In fact, by using healthcare analytics, there is a good potential to reduce the overall cost of the treatment, avoid preventable disease and improve the overall life quality of an individual.

Big data in healthcare is described as the process of extracting massive volumes of information by adopting the latest digital technologies of patients’ records and in the further working of the hospital. By applying big data in healthcare can help in understanding treatment models, warning signs of illness, and performance of medication or vaccines.

Key Applications of Big Data in the Healthcare Sector

  1. Patients Predictions for Improved Staffing
    Big data helps in knowing the number of staff required according to the patients to avoid labor costs. Many hospitals in Paris are already using this method to come up with the prediction of how many patients are expected to be at each hospital.
  2. Electronic Health Records
    Every patient carries his/her digital record having a history of health issues, lab tests, allergies, etc. By using the EHR method, the record is then shared using secure information systems available for both private and public sectors. The EHR will also help the patient to know when the new lab test to be done and tracking the doctor’s instruction.
  3. Real-time Alert with Clinical Decision Support
    Using the Clinical Decision Support software, health practitioners can make prescriptive decisions. This information will also be available to the database of the State Health. The data will help doctors to make the decision and modify the delivery strategies.
  4. Enhancing Patient Engagement
    Consumers are already using smart devices helping to keep track of every step or running done. Moreover, these devices help to track heart rates. All this information will help medical experts to identify potential health risks lurking. Patients who are suffering from asthma, diabetes, or blood pressure could benefit more by tracking their health and avoid unnecessary medications.

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  1. Jaya

    Nice article on Big Data… One of my favorites. I am agreeing with the above points. Even, Big data helps to prevent a wide range of errors on the side of health administrators in the form of wrong dosage, wrong medicines, and other human errors. It is also useful particularly to insurance companies. They have control & prevented a wide range of fraudulent claims of insurance. Furthermore, we have our company which had already helped different industries like healthcare, finance, education etc and would like to cater if anyone in need of it.


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