It’s Time your Hospital Outsourced Teleradiology

Posted on August 10, 2012

Can you imagine a radiologist in India reporting on a CAT scan that was just executed seconds ago in the emergency room of a hospital in Arizona? This is what outsourcing can achieve today. Teleradiology has become the need of the hour with hospitals in the US facing a lack of radiologists to cater to the ever rising number of image scans. Over the next five years, the Indian healthcare imaging market is anticipated to double its revenue from the existing $350 million.  As of 2012, India has accounted for 68.6 per cent of the world’s health imaging market, says a recent report from Tekplus.

What is teleradiology and how does it work?

Teleradiology is the process of transmitting CTs, MRIs, X-rays and other radiological images electronically from one location to another location for the purpose of consultation and interpretation. Digital images are electronically transmitted to an offshore location by employing a satellite connection, WAN or a telephone line.

What teleradiology services can be outsourced?

Teleradiology services include diagnostic interpretations of emergency as well as non-emergency imaging studies like CTs, MRIs, ultrasounds or X-rays. For emergency room scans, offshore vendors in India would send back an interpretation within a short turnaround time of 30 minutes.

Why outsource teleradiology?

  • Your physicians can spend more time on delivering quality healthcare to the maximum number of patients
  • You can benefit from accurate diagnoses of your scans in the shortest possible time
  • Your in-house radiologists no longer have to work during nights, holidays or vacations
  • Since the process of teleradiology is completely digital and does not require any filming, you can save on the cost of processing and filming
  • Your patients can be effectively diagnosed and given treatment at any time of the night or day, with a right diagnosis provided within seconds

Why choose India for teleradiology?

  • India’s unique geographic location has enabled Indian radiologists to provide 24/7 teleradiology services
  • Indian teleradiology providers use the latest in technology and infrastructure to ensure optimum quality within a fast turnaround time
  • Indian radiologists use state-of-the art radiology equipment that is on par with global standards
  • India has a friendly tax structure, a positive policy environment and simplified rules. This make outsourcing teleradiology to India extremely easy
  • India is all set to become the teleradiology capital of the world, with its highly qualified physicians, strong infrastructure and cutting-edge technology

Has your hospital given outsourcing teleradiology a thought?

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