Is Cloud Adoption the Future of Back-office Operations in Banking?

Is Cloud Adoption the Future of Back-office Operations in Banking?

Posted on August 8, 2019

There’s no denying the fact that these days most of the banks worldwide are increasingly witnessing data volumes, burdensome legacy infrastructure, greater regulation, and a huge deal of competition. Also, owing to the increasing necessity for enhanced consumer services, even the world’s best of banks are getting under tremendous pressure. As per many experts, the adoption of the cloud could bring a sea of advancements in the future of back-office operations in banking. Wondering how? Let’s find out –

  1. It Can Minimize Overheads
    Switching different back-office applications to the cloud will let firms minimize the whole expenses of ownership. In this process, overheads could be decreased because there would be no requirements for hardware or software licenses. Hardware, as well as software upgrades, can be performed with the aid of the vendor. This will invariably bring down the costs of user training as well.
  2. It Helps Adopt New Technologies
    The inclusion of the cloud will also prove to be an agile and affordable way to embrace cutting-edge technologies. There are many banks, which are all set to adopt new technologies but reluctant to get stuck to any expensive or lengthy implementation. The cloud can offer a very quick and affordable route for adoption. Customers can come live within a couple of weeks, while dependence on the in-house experts for software installation, hardware set-up, configuration, maintenance, and training could be brought down or even eliminated completely.
  3. It Reaps the Power of AI and ML
    Owing to its scalability as well as flexible storage capacities, cloud emerges an outstanding platform for analyzing different data. AI analytics could also be operated on a huge chunk of information to offer relevant business insights and maximize competitiveness. For managing transaction, Artificial Intelligence can also abet firms to obtain faster data loading as well as exception management.
  4. It Keeps a Tab on Regulator’s Changing Behavior
    Regulators’ swiftly evolving attitudes also play a major role in propelling cloud adoption by different financial sectors. Among a number of top-tier banks claiming to fame, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) deserves a special mentioning. This famous bank of Netherlands was one of the most important driving forces in Europe, which enacted legislation allowing banks to count on cloud-based solutions. FINMA, one of the best banks of Switzerland has also vouched for cloud-based solutions on a recent note.
  5. Ensures Data and Security Protection
    Due to the intensifying regulatory oversights as well as increasing reporting obligations, it has become earth-shattering to adopt cloud options. Security is one of the most crucial issues why vouching for the cloud has become so important.
  6. It Uses Resources Smartly
    Cloud adoption has also made it easier to use different resources, updated applications and the best of practices. Financial institutions are bound to splurge a huge chunk of time on-premise tasks, on manually intensive, etc. If a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform can be managed by a vendor, chances are the in-house resources could be freed up for emphasizing an assortment of strategic projects.

As mentioned earlier, the financial institutes are getting weighed under huge pressure in terms of managing expenses and streamlining back-office work responsibilities. Cloud adoption could be extremely effective in bringing ease to all such activities.

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