IoT for Engineering Services Market

How is IoT Opening New Avenues for the Engineering Services Market?

Posted on June 15, 2017

IoT is emerging as the next mega-trend in the field of technology. By connecting billions of devices, ranging from fitness bands to industrial equipment, via the internet, IoT is successfully fusing the physical and the virtual worlds together.

What Internet of Things (IoT) Does?

IoT enables communication between two physical objects using sensors. These devices often report their status and become aware of their current situation by being a part of IoT. For instance, an IoT connected car can provide data pertaining to its health, so that the owner can take preventive measures on time. Also, if a part of the car is about to be damaged, it will send signals to make the driver aware of the internal situation of the car.

The future of IoT holds a lot for us. The self-aware objects in the IoT network can be collated together to collect valuable information about the people around them. For example, it can facilitate sensors which can detect the state of the driver of a car, and release an alert when the driver feels sleepy or exhausted.

IoT Opening New Avenues for the Engineering Services

The popularity of IoT technologies, recent advances, and increasing affordability are opening many new avenues in the field of engineering. Also, greater acceptance of the smart mobile devices in our day-to-day lives is making various amazing experiences possible with IoT.

IoT is being increasingly leveraged by the engineering firms and researchers, to open new avenues and utilize this technology for business. It is expected that IoT will soon be used to mine customer data with an augmented ability to segment the customers while enabling the users to personalize the IoT experience.

Also, IoT enabled products are being connected with embedded technology to facilitate communication among the products. This will enable engineers make the things more relevant in developing devices while improving the service proposition in the market. For instance, with improvements in the IoT technology, homes or industrial facilities in the remote locations can be monitored wirelessly in greater detail and with higher precision.

IoT is More Vertically Focused

Currently IoT seems to be more vertically focused on sectors such as building automation, wearable electronics, industrial sector, and the automotive engineering. Most of the manufacturers are currently developing their own applications.

Gradually, a more horizontal focus would be required. The horizontal focus will enable the connection of more products with basic connectivity seamlessly working with the diverse applications. As IoT is opening more avenues in the engineering segment, it wouldn’t be difficult to achieve this much required horizontal focus in the near future. However, to make more progress in the engineering segment, IoT needs to overcome a few challenges such as data presentation and storage, transportation infrastructure, integrity, privacy and security.

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