The Importance of Social Media Listening

The Importance of Social Media Listening

Posted on September 28, 2017

Social Media has become very important from the business’s perspective because a large percentage of potential and existing customers of a business are connected on social media channels. Every person has his/her opinion about a particular brand and its products or services.

The customers often interact with other people, and share these opinions on the social media channels and instant messaging apps. Also, since most of the businesses and brands are present on the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc., the customers can also directly interact with the businesses.

Owing to these factors, social media platforms have become a credible and imperative source of useful insights. This is why, listening to social media channels can prove quite useful for the businesses as they can derive resourceful insights for improving their offerings. Listening to social media channels can help you retain your customers while equipping you with the information that can help you gain an edge over your competitors. But, if you do not have a proper and well-designed “Social Media Listening Strategy”, then you might miss many of the valuable insights.

Some of the advantages of Social Media Listening are listed here:

  1. Social Media Listening Helps You Negate the Harmful Buzz about Your Brand

    With the help of a sound social media listening strategy, you can not only find out that what your customers and prospects expect from your brand, but also check out the negative comments related to your brand or its offerings.

    With the help of social media tools, you can easily interact with your customers, and address the ones who have a negative perspective about your brand. Moreover, social media can also be used for reputation management and enabling people with apt solutions who had some negative experience with your brand in the past.

  2. Social Media Listening Enables You to Glean Important Feedback

    Checking and listening to your audience’s reaction to your new product launch, new service announcement, or the latest marketing campaign can help you to vastly improve your products and services while tailoring your offerings as per the customer’s requisites expressed on the social channels.

  3. Social Media Listening Helps You Improve Your Customer Service

    When you respond quickly with all the mentions of your company on social media, you set a good example in front of your potential customers that you have excellent customer service skills. Also, when you respond to your existing customers and provide them with an apt resolution to the problem that they are facing with your products or services, it can help you retain your customers. All this can only be possible if you are using a good social media listening strategy.

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