How Wedding Photo Editing Trends Will Shape 2021?

How Wedding Photo Editing Trends Will Shape 2021?

Posted on July 6, 2021

Wedding occasions are full of storytelling potential. The crowd is naturally romantic and festive. They indulge in an enjoyable recollection of the couple’s past and raise a toast to their ‘happily ever after lives’. Spirits (no pun intended) are high. The music matches the mood. And as the night grows, the dance floor throbs with scenes of joyous celebration. This emotional and physical energy of weddings calls for good photography, and wedding photographers do more than the normal, passive recording of the celebrations. They capture beautiful memories for a lifetime, immortalizing the event’s story through a combination of excellent technical and storytelling abilities. Not to forget, their social skills, which put the guests at ease, to capture “genuine moments”, and their superb editing styles. Photo editing styles and wedding photo retouching services, much like the entire business of weddings, go through the ebb and flow of trends; they come, they go, and some stay forever.

Top Photo Editing Trends of 2021

Here are the top photo editing and wedding photo retouching trends of 2021. Let’s delve.

  1. Bright

    Making photos bright, airy, and free of defects with the help of the wedding photo retouching process is one of the top photo editing trends of 2021. Light and bright wedding photo editing background depict clean and natural editing, bringing a sense of natural prettiness and romance into the subjects of the photos. It also lets the strong emotions of the photo come out in all its glory. Many clients want to look their best natural self in the photos clicked against a bright, lovely background, which is why wedding photographers love this photo editing trend.

  2. Cinematic

    A recent photo editing and wedding photo retouching trend that has caught on is the practice of creating dark, moody images that express something mysterious or slightly brooding. These photos have a dramatic appeal and cinematic feel to them. They work wonders in evoking emotions out of an onlooker as his eyes get drawn to the highlights and rich colors of the subject in the photo because the wedding photo editing background is dark and heavy.

  3. Matte

    Sometimes, the photograph appears smooth but not at all sharp. Giving a layer of Matte finish with wedding photo editing brightens the bright portions and deepens the dark aspects in the photo. This photo editing process makes the image look more realistic by highlighting both faces and backgrounds.

  4. High Dynamic Range (HDR)

    High Dynamic Range photography involves the merging of photos to create a final image. This photo editing technique gives a more saturated look to wedding photos. It’s the best photo editing style to deal with balancing shadows and brightness in one photo and add a dreamlike color tone to the skin, thus lending a dramatic appeal to the image. One has the option of tweaking levels in the HDR software to fit his style.

  5. Black and White

    The black and white photo editing style is a classic, timeless technique that goes back a long way. Most parents and grandparents probably have boxes of tons of photos in black and white or monochrome! Black and white wedding photo retouching services can bring a candid moment to life.

  6. Clean Photo Editing Style

    A classic “clean” edit involves adjusting only the basics like color temperature and sharpness and maybe a few wedding photo retouching services to clean up the photo. The idea of this photo editing technique is to make the image look as natural as possible to make it seem that no edits have been done to it whatsoever! The “clean edit” look is classic. If you’re looking for a style that will stand the test of time, a clean photo editing style is a great option.

  7. Funky Colors

    This photo editing style is a favorite among those who love to experiment with colors. This photo editing trend goes back to when filmmaking had just begun. Back then, photographers would use chemicals to develop their films. These chemicals would be used to treat different film types. Now, digital has made it way easier to experiment with colors and create funky looks that people love. With the help of digital processing, photographers are using various software to create and develop different kinds of looks using cross processing. One of the major reasons why this photo editing trend is getting so much preference is because it creates a fun look that can suit any type of image.

    Fun fact – This photo editing style was invented independently by many different photographers as a ‘mistake’ in the days of C-22 and E-4. Well, some mistakes do lead to miracles.

  8. Multiple Exposures

    Multiple exposures is an artistic photo style that superimposes two or more elements together to create a single photo; the resulting image creates a dreamy effect. There’s been a rise in this photo editing trend over the past few years as wedding photographers discover and explore its beauty. Many people are choosing this style for their wedding photos as they consider it a work of art; many couples even find it to be apt to bring their real-life fairy tales alive. This photo editing technique had a huge demand in the days of film; to back it up, one might notice many wedding albums from the ‘80s featuring double exposure or multiple exposure style. Today, with so many years into a digital world, the photography sector is also trending more towards digital capture. This gave impetus to the making of cameras which allow for multiple exposures. One can do it using Photoshop, too. This photo editing style is surely a unique way to present a photograph to clients.

How Flatworld Solutions Can Help you Make the Most out of these Trends

Flatworld Solutions is one of the pioneers in bringing the best quality photo editing and wedding photo retouching services to clients around the world. We have some of the most skilled and experienced photo editors and artists on board who can fulfill all your needs with ease. We leverage the latest photo editing software and tools while delivering top-notch services to our clients.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and cost-effective photo editing service provider who has a finger on the pulse of the industry and its trends, then your search ends here. Contact us now!

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