How Wedding Photo Editing Trends Will Shape 2019?

How Wedding Photo Editing Trends Will Shape 2019?

Posted on January 24, 2019

With time, every industry evolves and the wedding photography industry is no exception. Until now, we have seen wedding photography change and improve drastically in almost every aspect. We can expect the same in the coming year. This article takes a tour on some of the most expected wedding photography trends in 2019.

  1. The Relaxed Wedding Trend

    Gone are the days when marriages meant formal and serious stuff. Couples these days are becoming more and more relaxed in both their approach and their take on marriage. They are looking out to making the most of their special day without worrying about details. That also reflects in their wedding photography pictures. We can expect more relaxed and informal wedding pictures gaining popularity in 2019.

  2. The Documentary Trend

    In recent years, we have much-observed video films throwing light on the couples’ journey to their wedding. The video films or the documentary very beautifully pictures the intricate details of the couples’ journey and their emotions. These types of wedding movies have widely gained recognition and almost every couple wants their marriage to be filmed likewise. We can expect this trend to multiply in 2019.

  3. The First Look Photo Trend

    Nothing is more beautiful than a first reaction, and seeing that reaction captured is even more beautiful. Whether it is the groom’s gaping reaction on seeing his bride dressed in white, for the first time, or the emotional reaction of the bride’s father, everyone loves these captured, to bits and pieces. The first reaction photos and videos are gaining immense popularity. This will continue to be so in the coming years as well.

  4. The Proposal Shot Trend

    This one can never go out of fashion. The classic proposal pose has now been in trend for so many years now. But its craze and popularity have not gone down. Till now, everybody loves to see the groom proposing the bride in their own unique style. Also, the bride and the groom want to recreate the proposal memory at their wedding once again. We can surely expect more proposal shots and videos going trendy in 2019, with some differences such as bride proposing the groom etc.

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