How Virtual Tours in Real Estate Can Help You Close Deals?

How Virtual Tours in Real Estate Can Help You Close More Deals?

Posted on July 5, 2021


Buying a property is perhaps the most expensive investment of their lives for many people. So conducting a thorough check on the property before buying is critical; there’s a term for this – property title research. One must do it to ensure that the property he is going to buy checks the following –

  • Carries a faultless title
  • Free from any kind of charges
  • RERA registered

The main objective for Title Search and due diligence is to get answers to the following questions:

  • Does the seller have the legal authority to sell the property?
  • Does the seller acquire all the rights to sell the property?
  • Is the property free from all kinds of charges?
  • What are the restrictions on property use?

The title search also prevents the buyer from getting hoodwinked into things like mistaking a property’s super area for its carpet area, which is a big bone of contention between buyers and real estate sellers. The carpet area is the area enclosed within the walls of the flat where the buyer is going to live in. Super area or saleable area is the carpet area of the flat plus the space that covers common amenities in the property complex like corridor, elevators, staircases, and lobby area. Builders try to deceive buyers by touting their project’s super area. But what the buyer gets to use is the carpet area which can be up to 70% of the super area. So it’s important to have a clear idea of the carpet area of the property. This is just one of the aspects of property buying among many others; if any of those fall through the cracks, it can coil the buyer up in future troubles and ugly legal battles. Therefore, it’s recommended that property buyers take help from experts like Flatworld Solutions for a thorough property title search before putting in the money.

Speaking of due diligence on the property before buying, virtual tours are gaining traction with buyers. Here’s how virtual tours development in real estate can help one to close more deals without any ordeals.

Benefits of Virtual Tours in Real Estate

360 virtual tours for real estate using virtual reality, 3D virtual walkthroughs, and 360-degree apartment tours have become an important part of an effective real estate marketing strategy. Although 48% of brokers find it challenging to keep up with technological advancements, setting up virtual tours for property visualization is gaining momentum among most real estate companies. Virtual tours make for a comprehensive visual presentation of a property which can help real estate agents close deals 68% faster. All one needs to do is get a good quality 360-degree camera to click and upload pictures into a free 3D virtual tour software and put his property upon display online; it would cost around $290. But not everyone has the time when their business is scaling and it is then professional help should be taken. Outsourcing virtual tours for real estate to experts like Flatworld Solutions can be an efficient way.

Summarizing the various benefits of creating virtual tours:

  • Quicker execution
  • Cost-effective
  • Perfect for small estate dealings that are rented or sold quickly
  • Boosts reputation
  • Increases the presence of the real estate business on search engines – listings with virtual tours receive 42% more clicks than those without virtual tours
  • Increases visitor retention – Websites embedded with virtual tour facilities are viewed 7-13 times longer than those without virtual tours. It’s because a virtual tour lets clients and customers survey the property inside out at the click of a button; this affirms their confidence in the business.

Here’s a list of more virtual tour statistics that prove they can help businesses close more deals:

  • Customers in the age group of 17 to 35 are 132% more likely to book a property after getting a virtual tour
  • 51% of adult users on the internet use virtual tours as their basis for research and buying process
  • 70% of people want more real estate companies to offer virtual tours on their websites
  • Over 6 million daily visits happen via virtual tours around the world
  • Virtual tour increases a real estate listing’s interest by three-fold

How Does One Implement Virtual Tour Technology in his Real Estate Business?

Here are some simple tips to do the same:

  1. Getting a camera
    One needs to choose a camera that clicks 3D images. After that, the first thing is to collate the images to create a 360 video. When it comes to creating virtual tours, one essential element is frames per second or FPS. As the users will be surveying the property through virtual reality, a low FPS will lead to lagging. This will adversely affect the user experience and confuse.

    Pro tip – One should look for a camera that can clock a minimum of 90 FPS; anything less can lead to disorientation and a bad (grainy) experience for the user.

  2. Planning the shots
    One should make a list of every room in the house that is going to be a part of the virtual tour. To get the best shots, one should place the camera in the center of the room as from that vantage point the camera will be able to capture most details.
  3. Implementing the virtual tour
    After obtaining all the images, one has to upload the images into the virtual tour creation software. The software will stitch the static images together and create 3D virtual tours. One can also use the software to assemble panoramic photos for a 360-degree tour.

Don’t be afraid to Outsource | Flatworld Solution’s Real Estate Virtual Tour Services

Flatworld Solutions is your best bet for 360 virtual tour services and a plethora of other photo editing services. Our virtual tour software experts will take care of everything from 3D virtual tour creation to the post-production process, something which not most of the real estate virtual tour companies offer. We can provide solutions that align with your real estate marketing strategy. We understand how important it is to present your real estate properties efficiently and impressively. Upon outsourcing real estate video tours to us, you can rest assured that your property gets the limelight it deserves. So, if you are looking for an outsourcing partner that focuses on providing exceptional services at affordable rates, your search ends with Flatworld Solutions. Contact us now, and our team will be glad to assist you.

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