How to select the right medical billing partner for outsourcing?

Posted on June 22, 2012

Your hospital wants to tap into the advantages of outsourcing and reap in benefits like lower operating cost, faster reimbursement, cleaner claims, fewer denials and regular follow-ups. You know that an Indian medical billing service provider can help you clear heavy backlogs, use the latest implementations in the industry and cut down on administrative costs. But with the scores of medical billing vendors available in India, you do not know to choose the best for your hospital.
As an outsourcer to India, you must consider several aspects before you sign on the dotted line of an outsourcing contract. Here are a few guidelines that can help you find the right medical billing company for your hospital:

  • Find out if the medical billing partner follows HIPAA compliant processes and is ISO certified. This can guarantee a high level of quality and efficiency
  • Get to know details about how the provider secures patient related information
  • Ask the vendor for details about their past experiences in medical billing. The more experienced a service provider is, the greater the level of accuracy you can expect
  • Ask your medical billing company to share their business strategy with you. A well-thought out business plan means you can save more dollars in your medical billing process
  • Find out how many customers your medical billing vendor is currently serving. This is critical, as your work cannot be done efficiently, if the vendor has to please too many clients
  • Hold a one-to-one meeting with the medical billing vendor and ask them to clearly the state the benefits you can get by partnering with them
  • Perform a complete cost analysis for the entire project along with the vendor. Find out if you will be charged for any hidden costs in the outsourcing process
  • Question the medical billing provider about the medical billing software that they are currently using. Find out if they can work on the software of your choice
  • Read the details given in the service level agreement (SLA), so that you are aware of the deadlines set up for the completion of your work. If you want an earlier deadline, you will have to confirm it before you sign the SLA
  • Find out if the medical billing vendor is flexible to changes such as making a process change or adding new clients to the database
  • Ask the service provider to furnish you with details about the technology and infrastructure that they use in their facility. Using the latest technology means services with a higher level of accuracy and efficiency
  • Confirm the vendor’s process accuracy as errors in the process can lead to delayed or denied payment for you
  • Ask your vendor to give you details about their number of certified resources
  • Find out if the service provider has the capability to work on denial management
  • Ask the vendor about details about their business continuity plan. In case of an emergency, it’s good to know how the vendor will continue with their service
What do you think are the major advantages/disadvantages of outsourcing medical billing to India? Do you feel your hospital can get a competitive edge by outsourcing? Post your views. 

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