How to Hire a Good Customs Broker?

How to Hire a Good Customs Broker?

Posted on September 7, 2017

Importing from across the borders seems like a lucrative option because some things can be imported for much cheaper prices and things which are not available in a country can be made available by importing them from other places. But one of the questions that pops into the mind of people planning to indulge in the business of export and import is that how they would get their things cleared at the border and who would take care of the customs formalities which need to be done at every international border.

Well, by hiring a good customs broker this problem can be resolved easily. A customs broker is like a logistics expert of a freight forwarder, who is licensed and authorized to perform the documentation required at the international borders to carry out the customs formalities.

What Does A Customs Broker Do?

A reliable and efficient customs broker assists the clients with the offline and online documentation, calculate the applicable taxes and duties which will be applicable on goods passing through the international borders, are aware of the country specific import and export regulations, payment of CBP, etc. These agents ensure that your goods are cleared from the borders in an economical, hassle-free and timely manner, so that they can reach their destination on time.

The primary role played by the customs broker is that they comply with the statutory and regulatory requisites on behalf of the importing client.

How to Hire The Best Customs Broker?

The best way to hire a customs broker is to look online, as most of the well-known, reliable and experienced customs brokers and customs brokerage firms have an online presence. For instance, if you want to hire a customs broker specifically for USA, you can check the NCBFAA (The National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America) or IFCBA (International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations).

You can check their official websites and find out an ideal customs brokerage firm that matches your requisites.

Also, you can hire a reliable outsourcing firm from India or elsewhere by conducting an online search. When you conduct an online search, you would come across an array of companies and customs brokerage firms. But, don’t hire a company before you go through their website, ensure that they are experienced, and find out positive reviews about the company.

One of the best ways to establish that the firm or broker you are going to hire is capable of performing well is by contacting some of their past clients. A positive feedback from a client will help you ensure that you are taking the right decision.

Choose Flatworld Solutions for the Flawless Customs Brokerage Services

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  1. Ashley Turns

    I like your suggestion to look at the company’s website that you are considering so that you can look at their experience and customer reviews. The company I work for has been looking for a great customs brokerage service that they will be able to use to help make our products go global. I will definitely have to tell my boss that he should check out the website of any customs brokerage service he is considering so that he can find out a little bit more about their background and experience.


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