How to Evaluate a Data Entry Company before Outsourcing?

Posted on June 14, 2013

Your company has heard and read a lot about data entry outsourcing. You know that apart from low costs, there are other benefits like better flexibility, faster turnaround time, prompt availability and efficient management that your business firm can avail by outsourcing. You are aware that India is the leading outsourcing location of data entry services and you wish to outsource to India.  But you are not sure on how to choose the right data entry service provider?

The first step towards selecting the right data entry partner is to shortlist a few data entry service providers. You can do this by visiting the websites of data entry companies in India. This will give you a better idea of how data entry providers in India function, the processes they follow and the different types of data entry services that they offer.  When you are finally making a choice, choose a company that has the latest technology and the right technical know-how to offer accurate and complete data entry solutions.

Selecting the right data entry service provider from India can be integral to the success of your business, as with quality data entry services delivered on time, you can make informed business decisions. Here are five questions that can help you in evaluating the right data entry service provider for your business:

1. Does the service provider offer customized data entry services?

This is a critical question that you must ask a potential data entry service provider, as the data needs of every company will vary according to their industry and size.  With flexible and tailor-made data entry solutions that are specially crafted to the unique needs of your company, you will be able to experience a drastic improvement in the way your business functions.

2. Will you get your data entry completed within a fast turnaround time?

While choosing a data entry partner, make sure that you question them about their speed and turnaround time. Can they deliver their services within 6, 12 or 24 hours? In case of an emergency, can they complete the required data entry within a time span of 3 hours? Decide on a partner who can meet your requirements.

3. How cost-effective are their data entry services?

Since one of the primary benefits of outsourcing data entry is to cut down on costs, it is important to know how your firm can save by outsourcing. Check with potential date entry service providers about their cost and then check how much you can save by partnering with them (30% or 40%). This way, you can make the maximum cost savings.

4. Will you have access to experienced staff, latest technology and streamlined processes?

When you have experienced data entry agents working on your projects, you can be confident of the outcome of the work. Remember to check the qualifications, skills and experience level of the provider’s staff. Also check if the data entry partner uses the latest in date entry software and technology. You must also have a look into the processes that the service provider follows.

5. How safe will your data be?

Before you make the final choice, make sure that you check about the security that the data entry service provider offers? Do their employees sign non-disclosure agreements? Are USB drives/ CDs and floppies prohibited from the office premises? Are surveillance cameras installed around the office? This is a critical question to ask, as you need to know how safe and confidential your critical data will be kept.

Once you have asked all of the above questions and you are confident about the data entry service provider, ask them if they can provide you with a free trial.  The free trial can help you evaluate the provider’s accuracy and quality levels.

What is the one thing that your company will look for in a potential data entry service provider? Is it fast turnaround time, security or cost-effective services? Share your thoughts and views in the comments box below. We love to hear from you!

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