How to Edit Your Real Estate Video Tour for Length

Posted on November 29, 2013

One thing that people struggle with as they begin using real estate video tours is keeping it within the appropriate length. Keeping the intro as concise as possible, and that’s good advice, because Internet users infamously have very short attention spans. Even on real estate websites that have a much longer average visit than the norm, people can quickly lose focus and give up on a video if it doesn’t jump right into what they are looking for, which is a video tour of the home.

As a result, you should limit an introduction to about 10 to 15 seconds at the most. Ideally, the introduction will be done with the agent on camera and in front of or in the home. This makes it less likely that the viewer will be lost, as they will be getting a look at the home even in the introduction. From there, it’s still important to keep the video brief. Think about how rarely you watch an Internet video that is more than a couple of minutes long.

Statistics on Video Length
The ideal length for a YouTube marketing video in general is anywhere from one minute and 45 seconds up to a little over four minutes. In this case, a real estate video tour should always fall in that range of 90 seconds to four minutes. If it gets much longer than that, it is probably moving too slow. Even if a home is huge and has 20 different rooms, you could give each room 10 seconds and the video would last just over three minutes.

It is also important that the video moves along with quick cuts. In television, you’ll rarely see a camera shot held for more than five to 10 seconds. As you pan from one room to the next, keep that in mind. Don’t show one room for 30 seconds and another for five seconds. Each room should be shown for about five to 10 seconds. If you can show a room from different flattering angles for a shorter amount of time, it is an ideal scenario. It keeps the video moving, which can make a longer video feel shorter.

These are some of the strategies that can be used to make a real estate video tour easier to watch and more entertaining for the viewer.

Advantages of Working with an Expert
In addition, this should go to show that there is a lot to be gained by working with someone who has a lot of expertise when it comes to creating real estate video tours. There is a lot of planning that goes into it, and the amount of knowledge that can be gained from experience is immense. As a result, you may want to work with a company that has all of the equipment and knowledge needed to make an excellent real estate video tour.

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