How Tightening Security Net Can Help Logistics Companies

How Tightening the Security Net Can Help Logistics Companies?

Posted on November 3, 2016

While manufacturing the goods in a secure environment is necessary for any organization, but ensuring complete security in the supply chain is vital for delivering the manufactured goods safely. Despite the tremendous progress which technology and other industrial domains have made globally, the threats to the global security chain are still there. Thus, it is very important to tighten the security net in order to help the logistics companies and to protect the supply chain against malicious intentions.

Security Challenges Faced by the Global Supply Chain

In order to make a supply chain efficient, it’s vital to operate it in a compressed time window. At the same time, this continuous focus on speed can make it quite difficult to ensure that all the workers are following the required security procedures and are not cutting corners.

The supply chain, owing to its time-bound nature is highly prone to security risks because whenever someone rushes to satisfy stringent deadlines, they may break down the processes designed to ensure security. Whether it’s a truck driver who does not pay attention on verifying the original seals or the vendors not following the required security oriented unloading procedures, loopholes in security may occur at any time.

Also, in order to make goods reach from the starting point to destination, there are at least seven to eight touch points where the goods are either exchanged from one carrier to another, or are delivered by one vendor to another who takes care of the next course of the goods.

Low Value Protection

Among the major security threats faced by security chains, one of the most common is the theft of goods between source and destination. The statistics support the fact that theft of goods is one of the biggest security threats, especially to higher value items. For instance, if we see the statistics, in 2007, around 32 percent of all the cargo thefts were attempted on electronic goods. But, in 2012, electronics theft was surpassed by food and drinks. It implies that once the security procedures were tightened for high value items such as electronics, the theft issue shifted to other low value items which aren’t protected completely.

How Tightening the Security Can Help Logistics Companies?

Implementing tight security procedures can certainly help logistics firms in overcoming the issues they are facing in their supply chain and minimize the losses which occur every year owing to loose security processes. However, it’s vital to ensure that security processes are being followed at each point where the transported goods are handed over to the next carrier.

Logistics firms can also take advantage of the latest technology and gadgets which make it easier to track the goods in the real time and find out what went wrong easily in case of any event. Technologies such as Beacons can also be used to ensure security of high value items. Technology makes monitoring easy and thus, the challenges faced by supply chain can be minimized.

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