How the Demand for Blockchain Developers is Exploding?

How the Demand for Blockchain Developers is Exploding?

Posted on March 29, 2018

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you’d know how Blockchain technology has gained a reputation in the industry. The world is gung-ho about it and more and more professionals skilled in development are being searched for. Just like the last quarter of 2017 that saw a boom in Blockchain developer recruitment, 2018 will continue to reap good opportunities for Blockchain developers. Jobs for these developers rank second in the list of top 20 fastest growing jobs. In fact, the requirements have doubled this year reinstating the fact that the demand for Blockchain developers is exploding.

Going by a report issued by Upwork, Blockchain developers are getting as high as 150$ per hour for rendering their services. In the US, the median income of any Blockchain developer is close to $130,000 annually, way more than that of a regular software developer who earns somewhere around $105,000 annually. What’s more is that in high-end tech regions such as the popular Silicon Valley and New York, this can go up to $158,000 at a place where regular developers are hired at $140,000. This brings to the conclusion that there is as much as $18,000 up for grabs for even regular developers. While most demand is in the high-tech regions, it is only a matter of time when one will witness it increasing in other regions as well.

The Blockchain Boom

The Blockchain is a disruptive skill. It’s a no-brainer that Blockchain has become a disruptive skill which is not only fast-growing but is also hard to find. As we are still in the nascent stage of deciding the hiring and technology pattern for this sector, it would be best to figure out how employers wish to go ahead with the hiring. Employers need to know if the candidate they are interviewing would be able to change the way their industry works or not. Moreover, it needs to be added that the association of Blockchain with cryptocurrencies, the finance companies, and banks such as Bank of America and Capital One are hiring Blockchain professionals big time. In no time would it expand to major consulting firms like IBM, SAP, Deloitte, and Accenture. According to an Analytics firm, there is a 115% increase in Blockchain related job postings.

So now that we know the importance of Blockchain in today’s times, it’d be best to hire someone with such skills ASAP so that one is able to emerge as an industry leader.

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