How Has SEM Changed the e-Commerce Industry?

How Has SEM Changed the e-Commerce Industry?

Posted on August 10, 2017

The term “Search Engine Marketing” has become relatively broader these days and is considered as one of the robust marketing tools that help retailers to drive significant traffic to their websites and glean valuable leads. It is one of the tools that help retailers significantly increase their sales.

One of the business sectors which have benefitted the most from the SEM is the e-commerce sector. The e-commerce sector is at its peak these days. Most of the people prefer shopping online instead of visiting the “Brick and Mortar” stores and thus, there is a colossal base of customers in the e-commerce vertical.

How is SEM Benefitting the Online Retailers?

The search engines like Google are becoming smarter, and allow the users to perform searches in a better way.

These days, customers have started using the online channels to perform a number of tasks and use a lot of electronic devices for multiple purposes. Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days and prefers to accomplish a lot of tasks online. Thus, the conventional marketing tactics like billboard marketing, etc. are gradually losing their appeal as well as effectiveness.

Today, a company cannot survive viably only by depending on the traditional marketing methodologies. Customers have become smart and thus, companies need to become smarter.

One of the best ways to target a broad segment of customers in a cost-effective and efficacious manner is by using Search Engine based marketing tactics. The e-commerce store owners and the online retailers are increasingly using SEM to enhance their sales and customer loyalty, as it benefits them in multiple ways.

The SEM allows companies to target users on the channels preferred by customers, and since it is a personalized form of marketing, it presents offers and deals which can attract the customers the most. Furthermore, it allows e-commerce companies to address a high percentage of potential and existing customers at the same time, and thus, the results are impressive too.

Why Should e-Commerce Companies Use SEM?

There are various reasons which signify that why using SEM is a good idea for online retailers. These include:

  • SEM is a type of permission based marketing and thus, it isn’t intrusive
  • It is relevant and is often contextually targeted for the end-users
  • SEM uses multiple channels and thus, its reach is much bigger than traditional marketing
  • SEM offers measurable results and detailed reports which allow the marketers to perform a thorough analysis to evaluate why certain marketing tactics aren’t working
  • The SEM marketing is often backed by a convenient CTA that allows customers to easily purchase the goods without any hassles

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